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Michael Jackson: Aaron Paul’s Night With Michael Jackson

aaron paul talks about michael jackson

A new story about Michael Jackson has been revealed by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Paul was a guest on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last Thursday, and he discussed a funny story about his night with Michael Jackson. Paul said he and Jackson met at a party in London for the Prince of Brunei. “It… Read more »

Aaron Paul’s ‘Need For Speed’ Movie Gets A Trailer [Video]

Need For Speed Trailer

Aaron Paul might be finished with Breaking Bad, but at least he’s got another project looming on the horizon. The Need for Speed movie should race into theaters next year. In an effort to get everyone excited about director Scott Waugh’s action flick, the folks at DreamWorks Pictures have put together a trailer for the… Read more »

Movies Based On Video Games: Why They Usually Fail

Movies based on video games are rarely done right, and for good reason

Movies based on video games usually never do well. Even the sequels to the few that actually succeed usually end up heaping piles of disappointment. Only one has ever come close to breaking the trend, and that was Resident Evil. Sadly, the Resident Evil franchise seemed to have lost track of its roots after the… Read more »

Cadillac Performance Academy Turns Owners Into Drivers

Cadillac Performance Academy turns owners into drivers

Cadillac knows that one does not simply push the limits of their 556 horse power Cadillac CTS-V on the average street, says Yahoo Autos. Such as thing tends to get one some hefty traffic violations. You can’t have tag team drag races, drive it up to 100 miles per hour, or develop the skill to… Read more »