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Tim Howard, U.S. World Cup Star, Wants To Play In The NBA


Tim Howard, the stand out star of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team at the World Cup Tournament in Brazil, wants to take his skills to the NBA and play for the New York Knicks. Howard, the goalkeeper during the United States’ incredible World Cup run where they successfully survived the dreaded “group of death,”… Read more »

Isaiah Austin Chosen As Special Pick In NBA Draft

Marfan Sufferer Isaiah Austin, recently diagnosed with the disease,seen at the 2014 NBA Draft selected as an honorary pick.

If you watched the NBA draft Thursday night, then you are aware of the emotional tribute to Isaiah Austin. Isaiah Austin is a 20-year-old NBA draft prospect who received news that he would never be able to play in the NBA due to Marfan Syndrome just days before the NBA draft. Marfan Syndrome affects the… Read more »

Eliza Dushku Splits from NBA’s Rick Fox, Moves Back to Boston

eliza dushku newly single

Eliza Dusku is ready for the single life. The brunette actress, 33, recently parted ways with her boyfriend of five years, NBA player Rick Fox, 44. Following the split, Eliza decided to return to her home city of Boston, after living in Los Angeles for 22 years. It’s been with deepest respect, love, growth &… Read more »

NBA News: Lebron James Opts Out Of Deal, Becomes Free Agent

Lebron James for the Miami Heat.

Lebron James’ agent Richie Paul dropped a bombshell on the entire sports world this morning. James will opt out of his deal with the Miami Heat and become a free agent. ESPN’s Chris Broussard broke the story in what should be dubbed, “The Decision 2.0.” “James had June 30 to decide whether to opt out… Read more »

Isaiah Thomas Promotes Hoops In India, Holds Clinics in Mombai, Chennai

Isaiah Thomas is headed to India to promote basketball.

Isaiah Thomas is in India to promote the game of basketball. The popular — if somewhat vertically challenged for a basketball player — point guard is slated to visit schools and community organizations in Mumbai and Chennai, where he will conduct youth basketball clinics, according to the Sacramento Kings page on The site also… Read more »

Donald Sterling Will Not Go Away, Sues NBA For $1 Billion

Donald Sterling reads fan-mail.

Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will not go quietly into that $2.5 billion good night. Just a day after news broke that the Sterlings would sell the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, there is now confirmation that Sterling is suing the NBA for $1 billion. Sterling’s attorney confirmed to ESPN on… Read more »

Chicago Bulls Are Front Runner In Kevin Love Sweepstakes

Chicago Bulls going after Kevin Love

The Chicago Bulls are among the latest frontrunners to acquire power forward Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Reports are the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors are now going head-to-head along with a longshot in the Boston Celtics, according to ESPN. Minnesota has decided it would likely be in the team’s best interest to… Read more »

Donald Sterling’s Wife Shelly Proclaims She’ll Keep Stake Of Clippers

Donald Sterling's Wife wants divorce ... eventually

Donald Sterling might be in the midst of getting forced out of the NBA, but his wife Shelly Sterling claims she isn’t going anywhere. USA Today reports that Donald Sterling’s wife has given her first interview since the scandal involving her husband broke. In the Interview, Shelly says she plans to divorce Donald Sterling eventually,… Read more »

Donald Sterling Looks ‘Puffy’ Due To Prostate Cancer?

Donald Sterling

Does Donald Sterling have cancer? According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles Clippers owner has been battling prostate cancer for a few years. His prognosis isn’t good — according to TMZ, some people expected him to die two years ago. According to the report, the medication that Sterling takes as part of his cancer treatment… Read more »

Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather Eyeing LA Clippers Buy With Magic Johnson

Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather Mulling Partnering With Magic Johnson For Los Angeles Clippers Ownership Bid

Justin Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather are reportedly discussing the possibility of joining Magic Johnson’s future bid for ownership of the widely coveted NBA Los Angeles Clippers franchise. Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and champion boxer Floyd Mayweather (with the latter’s co-investors) are reportedly discussing the idea of partnering in a future bid with Lakers… Read more »

Jack Ramsay Memorial Plaid Patch To Be Worn By Trail Blazers [Video]

Dr. Jack Ramsay

Legendary basketball coach, Dr. Jack Ramsay, passed away earlier this week at the age of 89 after a 15 year battle with cancer. The beloved Dr. Jack is possibly most notably known for leading the Portland Trail Blazers to the NBA Championship in 1977. Ramsay went on to enjoy a successful career coaching basketball and… Read more »

Al Sharpton Praises NBA Decision Banning Donald Sterling For Life

Al Sharpton Speaks To Reporters

In a statement released Tuesday, Rev. Al Sharpton expressed his support for NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to ban embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for life. Sharpton, who had previously threatened to lead a boycott of the NBA if the league failed to suspend Sterling, released the following statement, as… Read more »