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Michael Vick Says He Needs Another Week To Fully Recover

Michael Vicks at Philadelphia Eagles

On Tuesday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick called his hamstring injury a “bad pull.” Last week, the starting quarterback said that he was only at “60, 65 percent.” While he didn’t rule out a Sunday game against the Dallas Cowboys, he did sound like a man resigned to riding the bench. “I feel it getting… Read more »

NFL Rule Change Could Eliminate Kickoffs

NFL Rule Change for Kickoffs

A proposed NFL rule change could eliminate the kickoff from games. The idea of eliminating the kickoff arrived via NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In a Time Magazine piece with Sean Gregory, the NFL commissioner reveals: [...] after a touchdown or field goal, instead of kicking off, a team would get the ball on its own… Read more »

Bears Sign Veteran QB Josh McCown As Result Of Cutler Concussion

Josh McCown signed by Chicago Bears

Replace Caleb Hanie with Jason Campbell and Bears fans would be forgiven for thinking it was 2011 all over again. Last season in November when quarterback Jay Cutler went down with an injured thumb, Caleb Hanie was supposed to be his replacement. As insurance, the team picked up veteran QB Josh McCown to back him… Read more »

Robert Griffin III Will Play Next Sunday Against Minnesota Vikings

Robert Griffin III

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) will likely play next weekend against the Minnesota Vikings. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan sounded optimistic on Monday as he told reporters that his No. 2 NFL draft pick is recovering nicely from his concussion and is expected to play when the Redskins take on the Minnesota Vikings… Read more »

Green Bay Mayor Demands End To NFL Replacement Officials

Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt

Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt has demanded that NFL officials end the current referee lockout and dispose of incompetent replacement referees. The Mayor made his demand after the Green Bay Packers lost their Sunday game following a botched call. Schmitt is taking his fight right to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, writing a letter to the… Read more »

Reggie Bush: No Structural Knee Damage, Could Play Sunday

Miami Dolphins Reggie Bush No Structural Knee Damage

Miami Dolphin’s fans can breath a sign of relief after an MRI on Monday morning revealed no structural damage to running back Reggie Bush’s left knee. A source close to the team claims that Reggie Bush could be ready to play by the time Miami takes on Arizona this coming Sunday. On Monday morning Reggie… Read more »

Chicago Bears Defense Dominates St. Louis Rams On Way To 23-6 Victory

Bears Win over St Louis

The Chicago Bears toppled the St. Louis Rams on Sunday thanks largely in part to the team’s superior defense, which held St. Louis to just 6 points. Major Wright returned an interception for 45 yards and the touchdown as Chicago defeated St. Louis 23-6 on Sunday afternoon. Wright made his big interception just after the… Read more »

NFL Owners And Referees Still No Closer To End Of Lockout Deal

NFL Officials Lockout

Despite two high level meetings this week the NFL and its referees are no closer to a new deal that mostly revolves around financial disputes. NFL officials and the referees union claim that “significant” and “serious” financial gaps still exist which has stalled talks with no further discussions scheduled at this time. With talks going… Read more »

Shannon Eastin Makes NFL History, Referees Regular Season Game

Shannon Eastin NFL Referee

Shannon Eastin made NFL history on Sunday when she stepped out onto the field as the line judge in the St. Louis Rams-Detroit Lions season opener. Eastin became the first female referee to play in a regular-season game. Eastin is a replacement referee who has stepped in to help the NFL continue its season after… Read more »

NFL Asks Judge To Throw Out Concussion Lawsuits

Football and Concussion Lawsuits

The NFL’s front office on Thursday asked that a federal judge shoot down over one hundred concussion lawsuits brought forth by former players. Those players claim that their time in the NFL left them with permanent brain injuries. NFL owners are calling the issue a “labor dispute” that should be argued under their collective bargaining… Read more »

Ryan Tannehill Flunks Basic NFL Knowledge Questions

Ryan Tannehill Earns F For NFL Knowledge

Ryan Tannehill, the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins might have a promising career ahead of him, but he may want to brush up on his very basic knowledge skills when it comes to how the NFL operates. On Tuesday’s episode of HBO’sHard Knocks, Ryan admitted that he had no idea which NFL teams were… Read more »

Michael Vick Chest Injury Won’t Keep Him From Opening Day

Michael Vick Will Play In 2012 Season Opener

Michael Vick will be ready to play on opening day, according to Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid. Vick was injured this week after taking a hard hit to the chest. After Vick hobbled off the field, X-rays revealed that he had not broken any ribs. In November of last year, Vick missed three games after… Read more »

NFL Regular Season May Kickoff With Replacement Referees

NFL Referees Replaced For Pre-Season 2012

The 2012 NFL season may begin with replacement referees as the NFL and NFL Referees Association have failed to come together during contract negotiations. The NFL’s big hangup is that several part-time officials are not willing to go full-time. Many of those officials already work full-time jobs that they work for the added revenue they… Read more »

NFL’s First Female Ref, Shannon Eastin, Officiates First Game

NFL's first female referee Shannon Eastin

The NFL’s on-field gender barrier has officially been broken, as Shannon Eastin became the first female referee to officiate a game. Eastin served as a line judge in a seven-person crew in the San Diego Chargers’ 21-13 preseason win over the Green Bay Packers Thursday night. 42-year-old Eastin is a 16-year veteran from Tempe, Arizona… Read more »

NFL Welcomes First Female Referee For Preseason Game

Shannon Eastin First Female NFL Referee

Shannon Eastin is about to make history. With the NFL referee lockout still in progress Eastin will officiate the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Charges preseason game on Thursday night. Eastin at that time will become the first female NFL referee. Eastin is an experienced referee who has served time in the Mid-Eastern Athletic… Read more »

Mike Tomlin Signs Pittsburgh Steelers Contract Extension Through 2016

Mike Tomlin 2016 Contract Extension

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has signed a contract extension through the 2016 NFL season. The 40-year-old coach is entering the final year of his contract and the team had an option for 2013 but instead chose to reach suitable financial terms for an additional three years. While terms of the deal have not… Read more »