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New Horizons: Pluto Set For Closeup As Probe Prepares For Flyby

New Horizons Set For Pluto Encounter

Pluto may not be a planet, but it’s still a cause for excitement, with the New Horizons probe set to take our closest look yet at the dwarf planet in just over a week’s time. The New Horizons’ Pluto flyby is scheduled for July 14, just 10 days away, or, as The Planetary Society reports,… Read more »

Could This Be The First Airplane To Fly On Mars? NASA Thinks So

The drone will test later this year, and may be ready to fly on Mars by 2020.

NASA is preparing to test a new flying wing aircraft, and if all goes according to plan, the drone could be the first man-made object to take flight in the skies of Mars. Until now, all missions to Mars have taken place either in orbit or directly on the planet’s surface, yet an ambitious new… Read more »

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Memorial: ‘Forever Remembered’ Honors The Memory Of The Crews From The Challenger And Columbia Disasters [Video]

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Memorial: 'Forever Remembered' Honors The Memory Of The Crews From The Challenger And Columbia Disasters [Video]

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has opened an exhibit titled “Forever Remembered.” The exhibit is dedicated to the memory of the 14 astronauts who lost their lives in the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters, two of the biggest space shuttle disasters in NASA’s history. The Kennedy Space Center Memorial takes up 2,000 square… Read more »

NASA Astronaut Takes ‘Earthshine’ Selfies In Space

Kelly appears in the images, illuminated by a reflection from the planet below.

A NASA astronaut has shared several unusual selfies, which depict his face illuminated by “Earthshine” reflecting from the planet 220 miles below. On Saturday, astronaut Scott Kelly shared the two self portraits, taken from the International Space Station, as CNN reports. In the first selfie, Kelly’s face and arms appear illuminated by light reflected from… Read more »

NASA Releases First New Horizons ‘Near-True’ Color Videos Of Pluto [Video]


NASA has released the first “near-true” color videos of Pluto and its largest natural satellite, Charon, captured by the New Horizons probe approaching the dwarf planet. The two newly released videos show the complex orbital interaction of the two bodies. According to New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern with the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), although… Read more »

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden: Area 51 And Alien Life Exist

Charles Bolden

NASA administrator Charles Bolden has stated that he believes alien life exists and that mankind will encounter it soon. Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., (USMC-Ret.), 12th Administrator of NASA since July 17, 2009, was responding to questions during a media event with a group of British schoolchildren organized by the children’s newspaper First News… Read more »

NASA: Water Table Levels Are Becoming Critically Low


According to NASA, water table levels are becoming critically low — worldwide. Two studies, which were conducted by the University of California, Irvine, suggest human consumption has depleted an estimated 33 percent of the world’s largest groundwater basins. The study, which was published by Water Resource Research, examined groundwater levels of the planet’s largest aquifers…. Read more »

Asteroid Impact Apocalypse: NASA Says World Won’t End In September 22-28 — Why NASA’s Statement Won’t Calm Fears


NASA has been forced to respond to conspiracy theory claims being spread online, stocking mass hysteria among the susceptible, that a giant asteroid will impact Earth September 22–28, 2015, causing widespread destruction and extinction of several species. According to the doomsday theorists, the impact will nearly wipe out humanity from the face of the planet…. Read more »

NASA Is Not Working On Faster-Than-Light ‘Warp Drive’ Technology, Officials Say


NASA officials have denied recent reports that the agency has achieved a major breakthrough in efforts to develop a Star Trek-style faster-than-light “warp drive” propulsion system. NASA officials told that although a team at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston recently tested a potentially revolutionary propulsion system in vacuum, the engine system generated… Read more »

NASA — New Photos Of Epic Solar Flare


NASA has released pictures and a video of the eruption of an epic solar flare. On Cinco de Mayo, the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory was watching the sun and caught epic images of the sun releasing a category X-2.7 solar flare. NASA classifies solar flares with a letter according to its size and strength. From… Read more »