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Mars Curiosity Rover: New Book Details Its Amazing Discoveries


The exploits of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s mission thus far have been detailed in a new book by Marc Kaufman called Mars Up Close. The Mars Curiosity Rover was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on November 26th, 2011. It landed on the Aeolis Palus Gale Crater on Mars almost nine months later on August 6th,… Read more »

Al Gore: Global Warming Claims Losing Steam

Al Gore global warming claims being disproved by scientists

Al Gore, the poster-boy for global warming, has taken some flak lately for the $500 million dollar sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. Now that Gore and his business partners are suing Al Jazeera for allegedly withholding funds from the sale, the media is questioning why Gore would even consider taking such a large… Read more »

Thigh Bone On Mars: Life Form Found Or A Hoax?

Thigh Bone On Mars Spotted In New Photo

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars sparked controversy this week when it beamed back pictures from the Red Planet of what appeared to be a thigh bone, setting the internet alight with rumors and theories. Pictures of the alleged thigh bone on Mars first appeared in a UFO blog, but was quickly picked up on by… Read more »

Space Station Covered With Plankton — Bizarre Discovery Baffles Scientists

Space station plankton

A strange discovery on the International Space Station has left scientists baffled. It turns out that the space station has traces of living sea plankton on the surface of the spacecraft that orbits more than 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, and well above the planet’s atmosphere. “The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,”… Read more »

Black Holes: Kings Of The Universe

Black hole pulling in corona of light radiation.

Black holes have been the celebrity of astronomy since Einstein and friends first thought of their existence in the early 1900s. A century later, NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) has reported that it captured an “extreme and rare event” in the neighborhood of a super-massive black hole. Michael Parker, who headed the group of… Read more »

NASA Catches Early Perseid Meteors On Film [Video]

Meteor showers

The Inquisitr reported earlier today on the Perseid meteor shower on its way and how to get the most out of your viewing experience. But NASA is a few steps ahead of the rest of us and already has some early footage of the meteor shower taking place. In the above video, you can see… Read more »

EmDrive: NASA’s New Starship Engine Breaks The Laws Of Physics

The EmDrive engine utilizes no propellant to create thrust in the vacuum of space

An experimental engine that is gaining acceptance among NASA scientists may power a future generation of starships, and it only has to break the known laws of physics to do so. The EmDrive is a new type of engine that may represent a huge advancement for NASA’s space program. The engine doesn’t require propellant, according… Read more »

Climate Change Broke Temperature Records In 2013

Scientists record record temperatures in 2013.

The effects of climate change are getting more and more apparent as scientists continue to compile present data and compare it to recorded history. According to Live Science, 2013 tied for the fourth hottest year ever recorded on Earth due to climate change. Information released by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows… Read more »

Will NASA Send a Drone to Titan?

titan sub

Titan has been a NASA focus lately, thanks to its Cassini mission still ongoing there. Based on the data, they’ve learned that the moon is very similar in nature to a primitive Earth. Of course, our weather system involves water, but the Saturnian moon’s system is methane-based, but the world still has rain, albeit different… Read more »

NASA Aims To Find Greenhouse Gas Sources From Orbit

Pine Island Calving

For all those (few) who still deny the immediacy of global warming, ask yourself why NASA will relaunch, amid the world’s current race to Mars, its Orbiting Carbon Observatory on Tuesday to glean a better understanding of climate change and the carbon dioxide emissions suspected of causing it. Our understanding already appears to be standing… Read more »

NASA Unveils New ‘Tron’-Inspired Spacesuit

NASA's Z-2 spacesuit is intended to develop technologies for a future Mars mission

NASA has revealed its new Z-2 spacesuit design, and the futuristic-looking garb appears to be something straight out of the sci-fi classic Tron. As MailOnline reports, each spacesuit is set to be 3D printed for the astronaut it will belong to and is designed to allow wearers to walk on the martian surface more easily…. Read more »

Two NEEMO Missions Prepare Astronauts For Asteroid Landing

preparing for neemo

When we think of NASA, the usual thought process takes us out of this world into the vast reaches of space, where a great void would be our demise if our life-sustaining equipment were to fail. NASA is all about extreme environments, and they want to make sure that the equipment they take off this… Read more »

NASA Is Working On A Warp Drive Ship And The Pictures Are Amazing

NASA's proposed warp ship bears a striking resemblance to the fictional Enterprise

It seems like something out of Star Trek, but a team at NASA is hard at work on developing real warp drive (or faster-than-light travel), and artist renderings of the proposed ship look stunning. In 2010, Dr. Harold “Sonny” White revealed that he, along with a team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, are hard at… Read more »

The ‘Beast’ Asteroid To Pass Earth On Sunday

Beast Asteroid to Pass Earth Sunday

A meteoric ball of fire dubbed the Beast asteroid will luckily safely pass Earth this Sunday. A preview of the asteroid can be seen on Saturday afternoon. Those who want to get a glimpse at the monstrous asteroid 2014 HQ124, which is about 1,100 feet (352 meters) across, can watch online. The Slooh community observatory… Read more »

SpaceX Reveals Seven Passenger Reusable Dragon V2 Capsule to Press at Event

SapceX Reveales Dragon V2 Space Capsule

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed the upgraded Dragon V2 spacecraft tonight and instantly made space travel something to capture the imagination of a generation in a way that hasn’t happened since the original NASA Mercury missions. At the SpaceX manufacturing complex in Hawthorne, California, Musk dropped the veil on the upgraded Dragon V2 cargo ship… Read more »

CNN: End Of The World Coming In 2041, NASA Says BS

End Of The World Not Coming Soon, NASA Says

The end of the world is something mankind has predicted and waited for since the dawn of written history. Religious leaders from all faiths, fortune tellers, and a variety of assorted crackpots have all thought at some point that they had it figured out. Generally, science has told us we don’t have much to worry… Read more »