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Name A Crater! NASA Asks The Public For Help Naming Mercury Craters

Name a crater on Mercury

NASA is looking to name five craters found on Mercury. However, instead of having NASA scientists name the craters, NASA is opening voting and name suggestions to the public. Discovery reports that NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft is coming to the end of its mission. In honor of the mission’s achievements, NASA, teams at the Johns Hopkins… Read more »

Mars Methane Spikes Could Be First Evidence Of Alien Life


NASA’s Curiosity rover has made a new discovery of momentary methane spikes in the Martian atmosphere that could be the first evidence of life on the planet. The methane spikes could have come from microbial organisms on Mars. Curiosity rover discovered a momentary spike in methane levels at its Gale Crater landing area. The rover… Read more »

Orion Launch A Success: Will Manned Missions To Outer Space Follow? [Video]

Orion Launch A Success

Following the disappointment of a last-minute delay, the Orion spacecraft was successfully launched early Friday morning. At dawn, Orion began a brief but extremely important mission. The launch meant that the unmanned craft would orbit the Earth twice, getting as far away from the planet as 3,600 miles. This would mean that Orion would have… Read more »

Scientists Discover An Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth, Baffled At How It Formed

Invisible Shield Protects Earth

Scientists have discovered something truly remarkable above the Earth’s atmosphere. An invisible shield is located approximately 7,200 miles above Earth that scientists are likening to “force fields on Star Trek.” According to Front Line Desk, the shield was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy… Read more »

NASA – Astronauts Now Using 3D Printing Technology In Outer Space

3D Printer

NASA is now enabling its astronauts to utilize 3D printers while in outer space. In The Capital reported this morning that astronauts on the International Space Station printed the first object out on their 3D printer; an engraved faceplate for the printer itself. The project proved not only that successful 3D printing in space is… Read more »

UFO Sightings Continue To Be On The Rise

UFO Sightings

As humanity’s interest in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) increase over the years, UFO sightings continue to grow. Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Peter Davenport, reported that sightings of UFOs around the world have increased by 23 percent since 2014. In January, Davenport stated, “Over the course of the last two weeks, our… Read more »

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Has Captured Some Breathtaking Images [Photos]

Hubble Space Telescope images

The Hubble Telescope was launched by NASA in 1990 and it continues to send some amazing pictures back to Earth. Almost reaching its 25th anniversary in service for the study of space and its stellar bodies, this extraordinary piece of equipment has taken extremely high-resolution images with almost no background light. On April 24, 1990,… Read more »

Why NASA Never Returned To Moon: Documentary Explains Why [Video]


It’s been nearly 50 years since the Apollo 11 Mission was successfully carried out when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped on the surface of the moon, while Michael Collins floated in lunar obit awaiting their return. Since then, nine other humans have walked the lunar surface. However, a question about the space… Read more »

NASA Confirms A Rocket Bound For ISS Exploded After Takeoff [Breaking]

A rocket bound for the ISS with supplies has exploded seconds after launch.

NASA has confirmed that an unmanned Antares rocket bound for the International Space Station with needed supplies exploded seconds after lifting off the launch pad in Virginia. The rocket disintegrated off the launchpad, and there has been no information as to the cause. NASA tweeted images of the Antares rocket minutes before the launch, and… Read more »