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Slender Man Stabbing Victim Ruled Incompetent: Nancy Grace Disagrees

Slender Man Stabbing Suspect Ruled Incompetent

One of the alleged Slender Man stabbing suspects has been ruled unfit to stand trial. The 12-year-old girl claims that she had stabbed her friend “to impress the fictional Internet bogeyman” Slender Man, CNN reports. On Friday, the debate between prosecutors and the defense over whether a competency test would violate Morgan Geyser’s rights led… Read more »

Watch Nancy Grace Tell Charlie Bothuell’s Dad His Son Was Found, Horribly

bothuell nancy grace video

As The Inquisitr pointed out yesterday, missing Detroit tween Charlie Bothuell has been recovered alive — a development that his father seemingly had the misfortune of learning live on a segment of Nancy Grace. The entire story is one of those “more questions than answers” ones, but Charlie Bothuell V has been missing under undefined… Read more »

Will Smith Should Sue CPS, Nancy Grace Says [Video]

Will Smith

Online rumors that perennially popular star Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett are under investigation by Child Protective Services have caused a stir — and the normally judgmental Nancy Grace has come out swinging… on the side of the Pinkett-Smiths. The report alleging that Will Smith is being investigated by CPS popped up this week… Read more »

Seth Rogen Responds Harshly To Anti-Marijuana Tweets

Seth Rogen snaps at Nancy Grace following anti-marijuana rant.

Seth Rogen is well known for his pro-marijuana stance. On Wednesday, March 12, he was on Watch What Happens Live when he released a list of celebrities he has, and has not, smoked weed with. In February, Seth Rogen testified before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services hearing, about Alzheimer’s. Even… Read more »

Nancy Grace Calls Pot Smokers ‘Fat And Lazy’ [Video]

nancy grace fat and lazy

Nancy Grace has decided to weigh in on the legalization of marijuana. And when interviewed on CNN live recently, she claims that the legalization of marijuana is a “terrible” idea and that pot smokers who disagree with her are “fat and lazy”. Nancy Grace even went so far as to say that those screaming at… Read more »

CNN Airs Split-Screen Interview Between Two Anchors In The Same Parking Lot

Nancy Grace Ashleigh Banfield

File this in your undoubtedly thick “What the hell are you doing, CNN?” file. This morning, the struggling cable news giant aired a strange split-screen interview between two anchors standing in the same parking lot. Seriously, the same vehicles go by in the background and everything. The Atlantic Wire (and others) noticed the odd report… Read more »