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Islamic Prophet Muhammad Billboard Campaign Kicks Off Across The U.S.

The Kaaba

Billboards are springing up across the U.S. with messages offering a view of the Prophet Mohammad and the Muslim faith as a non-violent religion that preaches love and tolerance, while others carry proselytizing messages inviting non-Muslims to explore the Muslim faith as the answer to life’s questions. According to Reuters, the billboard campaign is being… Read more »

Texas Teacher In Trouble Over ‘Anti-Muslim’ Handout Used At Foster High School

foster high school

A Texas teacher has come under fire for allegedly giving an “anti-Muslim” handout to students at Foster High School in the Houston area. The unidentified Lamar Consolidated Independent School District teacher is reportedly facing disciplinary action over the resource materials used during class instruction. The eight-page handout referencing Muslims used by the Texas teacher reportedly… Read more »

Victoria Jackson Wonders: Is President Obama A Muslim, Or A Jihadist?

Victoria Jackson believes Obama is a jihadist.

Victoria Jackson, formerly of Saturday Night Live and currently of Tea Partyesque conspiracy theories and post-election tearfests, believes she has evidence that President Obama is not only a Muslim, but a jihadist. She’s compiled a blog post full of conspiracy theories, debunked video footage, irrelevancies, and odd definitions that all lead her to one conclusion:… Read more »

After Factual Error, #FoxNewsFacts Trends, Mocking Network

#FoxNewsFacts trends -- mocks the network's goof.

The hashtag #FoxNewsFacts is trending on Twitter, after a goof in which a host said that Birmingham is “closed to non-Muslims.” However, according to the city’s Wikipedia page, the population is only about 20 percent Muslim. While every news organization gets things wrong sometimes, this particular error sent viewers into gales of laughter, and started… Read more »

Detroit Muslims’ Charity Largely Unnoticed As Anti-Islam Sentiment Rages

Detroit Muslims' charity evokes further verbal attacks.

While anti-Islam sentiment grows with the terror attacks in Paris, leading to the bombing of mosques and an influx of anti-Muslim cartoons in Detroit, Muslims’ charity and generosity has gone virtually without mention, except, perhaps, by those residents thanking their neighbors for keeping their water running. Two Muslim groups in Detroit have combined efforts to… Read more »

Al Qaeda ‘Undetectable Bomb’ Developed To Use On Targets In The United States

undectable bomb

Al Qaeda has developed an “undectable bomb” that the terrorist group is threatening to unleash in the United States. The group is also claiming that the new bomb will breeze past airport security screeners. The Al Qaeda journal, Inspire Magazine recently printed step-by-step instructions pertaining to the undetectable bomb, according to Fox News. The undetectable… Read more »

Israel Left Off Map Used By Children In Middle East

Middle East map excluding Israel.

One of the world’s biggest publishing houses, HarperCollins, has published a map used by children in the Middle East that omits the entire nation of Israel. According to the Tablet, an atlas distributed in English-speaking schools within the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East fails to label Israel. The West Bank is labelled clearly… Read more »

Muslim Scholar’s Tweets Causes A Stir In Saudi Arabia

Muslim leader sparks controversy when he says women are not required to cover their faces in public.

Saudi cleric caused a stir and received death threats after posting comments about women’s veils on Twitter. Muslim scholar Ahmad Aziz Al Ghamdi was recently asked by a woman if she had to wear the traditional face veil when sharing a picture of herself on social media. Being the former head of the Commission for… Read more »

Angela Box: 3rd Grade Teacher Wants Ebola To ‘Take Out Obama’ [Video]

Angela Box Resigns

Angela Box, the former third grade teacher at Ray Daily Elementary school in west Houston, Texas, resigned with pay. Box made racists comments about President Barack Obama and Muslims on a local political program in November. In one episode of the local conservative political show Tommy’s Garage, Box jokingly had this to say. “Can’t Ebola… Read more »

Saudi Arabia: Women Arrested For Violating Driving Ban

Activist filmed herself driving in Saudi Arabia before her arrest.

In Saudi Arabia, where it is illegal for women to be behind the wheel, two women have been arrested for driving their cars. Two activists for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia were arrested for violating the ban against female drivers in the muslim nation, and authorities have extended their time in jail. One of the… Read more »