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Ghetto Kids Dance To Eddy Kenzo Songs. Videos Go Viral [Must Watch!]

Ghetto kids dancing to Eddy Kenzo's music

Eddy Kenzo is a popular East African/Ugandan artist who has been gradually climbing to fame over the past few months. 25-year-old Kenzo is famous for his single “Sitya Loss,” which was among his biggest hits of 2014. Eddy Kenzo is however fast gaining popularity for his unique music videos. While most other artistes spend millions… Read more »

Obama Sings Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’

Obama sings get lucky

Do you want to see President Barack Obama sing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky?” Of course you do. It might be the funniest thing you’ll see all day, although the parrot lovers among my fans will still have a soft spot for the sun conure who provides an escort for the well-decorated biker woman in Thailand…. Read more »

Lady Gaga Loses Millions Of YouTube Views

Lady Gaga loses millions of views on YouTube

Lady Gaga has lost several millions of views on YouTube after the site cleared out what were considered “fake statistics” built by bots and hackers. Some lesser known YouTube channel owners have used bots as a way to beef up their view counts, but Lady Gaga is not one of them. Lady Gaga is a… Read more »