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Kurt Cobain: The Truth Behind His Mysterious Death May Finally Be Solved

NETHERLANDS - NOVEMBER 25:  HILVERSUM  Photo of Kurt COBAIN and NIRVANA, Kurt Cobain recording in Hilversum Studios smoking cigarette  (Photo by Michel Linssen/Redferns)

Since the 1994 death of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, which was ruled a suicide, many have believed that Kurt Cobain was actually murdered, despite the presence of a suicide note found next to the body. Now, over 20 years later, the investigation into Kurt Cobain’s death may be reopened. Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. —… Read more »

Couple Killed Teen Mom After Cavity Search For Drugs

Monica Mud and Todd Byrd  killed missing teen.

A Kentucky couple has confessed to killing a teen mom, and the details of this tragic murder are downright shocking. The Daily Mail reports that the body of 19-year-old Meagan Hassler was located in a wooded area. Other reports indicate that the young woman had been missing for approximately one week when her body was… Read more »

Ex-Met Darryl Hamilton Found Dead In A Murder-Suicide

baseball player dies

Former New York Mets outfielder was identified by the police in Pearland, Texas, as one of two victims in an apparent murder-suicide. Local officers were responding to a disturbance call Sunday when they found Hamilton’s body near the front entrance of a home. The other person found dead, Monica Jordan, 44, was found dead in… Read more »

New Orleans Police Officer Fatally Shot While Transporting Suspect

Daryle Holloway has been killed

Authorities in Louisiana are searching for a suspect who allegedly took the gun from a New Orleans police officer and fatally shot the police officer in the head. Dozens of law enforcement officials have arrived at the scene in New Orleans to gather evidence from the shooting. reported that authorities have identified the suspect… Read more »

Alexander McDonald Did Something Horrible To His Mom

Alexander McDonald confessed to raping and killing his mother.

British man Alexander McDonald has reportedly admitted to doing something that no person should ever do to one of their parents. Investigation Discovery’s Crime Feed reports that the 27-year-old restaurant employee raped and murdered his mother during an alcohol and drug fueled rampage. The details of this gruesome crime are hard to stomach, which is… Read more »

McStay Family Was Sledgehammered To Death By Killer

McStay Family were possibly killed with a sledgehammer

It’s been nearly two years since the McStay family was found in graves in the desert near Victorville, California. Now more information has been released about their causes of death. ABC News 10 reports that the family was presumably killed with a three-pound sledgehammer — or at least that’s what the attorney defending Charles Merritt… Read more »

Brianna Armstrong Was Brutally Murdered And Dismembered

Justin Keith Cornell has been charged with second degree murder.

An arrest has been made in the slaying of Brianna Armstrong, and the suspect’s identity comes as a shock to those who had publicly suspected the once-missing woman’s husband. A coworker of the woman has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. WTKR reports that Justin Keith Cornell was arrested outside of his apartment, which… Read more »

Christian Woman Who Smothered Dying Cancer Patient To Death Jailed For Life

Christian Woman Jailed

A Christian woman from England, who called a cancer helpline to ask if asphyxiation with a pillow was considered murder just hours before smothering dying cancer patient to death, was sentenced to life in prison Friday, according to Daily Mail. On February 11, Heather Davidson, 54, called a cancer helpline, Macmillan Cancer Support, to ask… Read more »

Nurse Dubbed ‘The Angel Of Death’ Wrongly Accused Of Murder

Nurse Rebecca Leighton

A nurse charged with poisoning and murdering her patients tries to recover after being wrongly accused of the horrific crimes. Staff nurse Rebecca Leighton said she lost complete control of her life and wonders if she’ll ever be the same again. The innocent, once happy-go-lucky and bubbly nurse said, “It was such a horrific time…. Read more »

Son Arrested For Killing Mother After Argument Over College Grades

Man kills mother

A 22-year-old man home from college murdered his mother after a prolonged argument regarding his unacceptable grades, authorities in Alabama said Saturday. Tyler Ryan Blansit called 911 on Friday afternoon, Mentone Police Chief Brad Gregg told CNN. When the police arrived at the Blansit residence, they found Sherry Ann Blansit’s dead body in the back… Read more »