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Alzheimer’s: Radiologists Can Now Tell Who Will Get The Disease With MRIs


Radiologists have determined a method for finding the biomarkers that indicate future cognitive decline using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRIs. According to the L.A. Times, the method of utilizing MRIs can also identify warning signs for additional diseases like Alzheimer’s disease when paired with other assessments. Researchers say the identification method is the best procedure… Read more »

Twins Fighting In Womb: MRI Captures In Utero Scuffles [Video]

In Utero MRI

A new MRI technique has revealed that it’s never too early to develop a little sibling rivalry. A video of twins fighting in their mother’s womb shows that brothers and sisters often come to blows long before meeting their parents for the first time. According to CBS News, Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke of Imperial College’s Robert… Read more »

Reggie Bush: No Structural Knee Damage, Could Play Sunday

Miami Dolphins Reggie Bush No Structural Knee Damage

Miami Dolphin’s fans can breath a sign of relief after an MRI on Monday morning revealed no structural damage to running back Reggie Bush’s left knee. A source close to the team claims that Reggie Bush could be ready to play by the time Miami takes on Arizona this coming Sunday. On Monday morning Reggie… Read more »

Ultrasound Beam Destroys Prostate Cancer Without Side Effects

HIFU Machine

A London study found that high-powered ultrasound beams are capable of destroying prostate cancer without the usual side effects associated with other treatments. Trials, which took place in southeast England’s London and Basingstoke, discovered the possibility of annihilating tumor cells without inducing damage upon neighboring tissues. While conventional methods of radiotherapy and surgery leave half… Read more »