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Monarch Butterflies Being Considered For Endangered Species List Inclusion

endangered species list

Monarch butterflies could soon be included on the Endangered Species List. A total of 52 members of Congress have signed onto a petition urging President Barack Obama to support such an inclusion. The Monarch Butterfly population has reportedly decreased by 90 percent during the past two decades. The lawmakers want the butterfly species to be… Read more »

Why Are Monarch Butterflies Dying In Record Numbers?


Monarch butterflies may be placed on the endangered species list in order to protect the dwindling numbers of the butterfly population. The butterflies need federal protection because the Monarchs have experienced a 90 percent population decline since the 1990s, according to the Center for Food Safety. “That would be like losing every person in living… Read more »

Whole Foods Launches ‘Human Bee-In’ To Help Save The Honeybees

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market recently embarked upon a Human Bee-In “Give bees a chance” educational campaign to highlight the ongoing honeybee decline. The chain is hosting events in stores June 21 to alert shoppers to exactly how the dairy aisle would look if honeybees no longer existed. Staffers at Whole Foods found that without honeybees, most… Read more »

Monarch Butterflies Missing From Canada This Summer

Monarch butterflies

The monarch butterflies are missing this year from Canada’s summer flowers. In a sad twist, a major study of the famous migrating butterflies’ eastern route from Mexico to Canada was just published last Wednesday in science journal Proceedings Of The Royal Society B. University of Guelph PhD candidate Tyler Flockhart spent the summer of 2011… Read more »

Southwest Airlines Flies Late Blooming Monarch Butterfly To Texas

Airline Gives Butterfly A Lift To San Antonio

A late-blooming Monarch Butterfly is getting the royal treatment from Southwest Airlines. The stranded butterfly emerged from her cocoon too late to join the swarm for the fall migration to Mexico. In order help her complete the journey, the airline will be flying the Monarch from Albany, New York To San Antonio, Texas. It is… Read more »