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Woman Captures Footage Of UFO Hovering Outside Her House [Video]

UFO Sighting

A woman in Lewisburg, Mississippi, captured footage of what she believes to be a UFO hovering outside her house. Angela Ashton, who is a certified Paranormal Investigator, told WMC-TV that she was lying in bed when she saw a huge bright light outside her window. “It was at least the size of a football field,”… Read more »

Agenda 21 Outlawed In Mississippi

agenda 21

Mississippi voted to prohibit Agenda 21 tactics from being initiated in the state. House Bill 490 (HB490) passed by an overwhelming margin with a vote of 79 to 36. The Agenda 21 bill would prohibit the state, and all counties and cities within, from adopting or developing any of the United Nations policies. Agenda 21… Read more »

Mississippi Best In Nation At Vaccinating Children, Report Claims

Mississippi Best In Nation At Vaccines For Kids

Mississippi gets a lot of flak for how it runs its state. In fact, for the longest time, there has been a saying — “Thank God for Mississippi” — that anyone from [insert state here] likes to break out any time their own state is recognized for a dubious distinction because, chances are (or so… Read more »

Mississippi Gator Record: Heaviest And Longest Ever Caught

Mississippi gator record

The Mississippi gator record has been smashed three times in just one week, with the latest record breaking alligator being the heaviest and longest ever caught in the Magnolia state. The massive creature weighed in at 741.5 pounds, and measured a touch over 13 feet long. Dalco Turner needed all the help he could get… Read more »

79-Year-Old Masturbating At Louisiana Mall Caught Red-Handed

79-Year-Old Caught Masturbating At Louisiana Mall

A 79-year-old masturbating in Slidell, Louisiana’s Northshore Mall has been apprehended by city police. Jack Mozer of Biloxi, Mississippi was fingered for not one, but two incidents, at separate clothing stores in the mall on March 16 and May 15 of this year, KLTV 7 reported on Tuesday. Police said Mozer has 27 arrests on… Read more »

Released Ricin Suspect Recalls ‘Surreal’ Arrest, Interrogation [Video]

Ricin suspect recalls arrest

Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man who found himself charged with sending ricin-laced letters to public officials including President Obama, has been making the talk show rounds to detail his “surreal” arrest and interrogation at the hands of federal law enforcement officials. Curtis’ name was thrust into headlines last week after he was arrested at… Read more »