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Mississippi Gator Record: Heaviest And Longest Ever Caught

Mississippi gator record

The Mississippi gator record has been smashed three times in just one week, with the latest record breaking alligator being the heaviest and longest ever caught in the Magnolia state. The massive creature weighed in at 741.5 pounds, and measured a touch over 13 feet long. Dalco Turner needed all the help he could get… Read more »

79-Year-Old Masturbating At Louisiana Mall Caught Red-Handed

79-Year-Old Caught Masturbating At Louisiana Mall

A 79-year-old masturbating in Slidell, Louisiana’s Northshore Mall has been apprehended by city police. Jack Mozer of Biloxi, Mississippi was fingered for not one, but two incidents, at separate clothing stores in the mall on March 16 and May 15 of this year, KLTV 7 reported on Tuesday. Police said Mozer has 27 arrests on… Read more »

Released Ricin Suspect Recalls ‘Surreal’ Arrest, Interrogation [Video]

Ricin suspect recalls arrest

Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man who found himself charged with sending ricin-laced letters to public officials including President Obama, has been making the talk show rounds to detail his “surreal” arrest and interrogation at the hands of federal law enforcement officials. Curtis’ name was thrust into headlines last week after he was arrested at… Read more »

Mississippi River May Shut Down Due To Low Water Levels

Missouri River

Sections of the Mississippi River may shut down due to extremely low water levels, according to KTVI-TV. The recent drought has caused parts of the Mississippi River to dry up. Although many believe an increase in flow from the Missouri River would help these troubled areas, the Army Corps of Engineers is instead cutting back…. Read more »

Mississippi Teen Starts Petition To Remove Flame Retardant From Gatorade

flame retardant

Gatorade reportedly contains a chemical known as brominated vegetable oil, a substance which has been patented by multiple companies as a flame retardant. A Mississippi teenager started a petition to remove the ingredient from the popular sports drink. The young woman feels that brominated vegetable oil could impair fertility and brain function, according to… Read more »

Poorest State Is Mississippi, Also The Fattest

The Poorest State In America Is Mississippi

The poorest state in America is Mississippi, data released from the US Census Bureau from 2011 found, with median income there reaching only $36,919. By comparison, the nation’s richest state, Maryland, had a median income nearly double that of Mississippi, $70,004, 24/7 Wall Street reported. The analysis found that median income fell or stagnated nearly… Read more »

White Church In Mississippi Blocks Black Couple’s Wedding

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson

A black couple in Mississippi claims that a predominantly white church refused to marry them simply because they are black. Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were excited for their big day and went through all of the traditional steps to prepare for their upcoming nuptials. As the date approached the pastor of the First Baptist Church… Read more »

Mississippi Guard Killed During Prison Riot

Adams County Correctional Facility Riot Leads To One Dead Guard

A prison riot at the Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez, Mississippi turned deadly on Sunday when one prison guard was killed and several employees were injured. According to Adams County Coroner James Lee the 23-year-old guard was killed after suffering “blunt trauma to the head. ” The long-lasting riot began at 2:40 p.m. and… Read more »

Mississippi Highway Shootings May Be Linked, Police Suspect Fake Officer

Mississippi Highway Shootings

Authorities believe that a fake officer may be behind two shootings along Mississippi highways. They suspect that at least one person has posed as an officer in order to pull people over late at night. While investigators are not releasing much information about the shootings, or whether they believe the same person is behind the… Read more »

Mississippi Couple Flips Wrong House

House and money

The idea of flipping a home, while daunting, can prove to be financially rewarding. However, one Mississippi couple found themselves on the wrong end of the deal as the house that they’ve spent thousands on as a rehab home turned out to be the wrong one. Terry Jordan and her husband, of Senatobia, Mississippi had… Read more »

Many Alabama and Mississippi Voters Believe Obama is a Muslim [Video]

President Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama claims he is a Christian. Most people believe him. Well, unless you live in Alabama and Mississippi. Both states go to the polls in the Republican primary tomorrow so there have been polls asking the public many different questions. But Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released information showing that a majority… Read more »