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Mississippi River Flooding Terrifies Residents

Mississippi River Flooding Terrifies Residents

The Mississippi River is steadily bearing down on St. Paul, Minnesota and has risen well above flood stage in many southeastern Minnesota counties. Earlier this morning, the Stillwater Lift Bridge, a crucial conduit between Minnesota and Wisconsin over the St. Croix River, which feeds into the Mississippi River, was closed by transportation officials, according to… Read more »

College Rowing Team Rescues Woman from Mississippi River

Mississippi River Rescue By Rowers

A group of four people from the University of Minnesota rowing team set out on the Mississippi River for a practice row. Little did they know, they would be hailed heroes when the group when they went on to rescue an injured woman from the water. At approximately 7:15 am on Wednesday morning, the two… Read more »

Bike Path Trumps Property Rights In Minnesota Eminent Domain Case

bike path eminent domain

Dakota County, Minnesota wants to build a bike trail on a Mississippi River property and is wiling to rebuke property rights and seize the land by eminent domain. Two Minnesota sisters lost their father, and then they had to stand by an watch as the land he loved yanked away as well. Apparently, property rights… Read more »

Mississippi River May Shut Down Due To Low Water Levels

Missouri River

Sections of the Mississippi River may shut down due to extremely low water levels, according to KTVI-TV. The recent drought has caused parts of the Mississippi River to dry up. Although many believe an increase in flow from the Missouri River would help these troubled areas, the Army Corps of Engineers is instead cutting back…. Read more »

Hurricane Isaac Actually Reversed Flow Of Mississippi River

Hurricane Isaac Actually Reversed Flow Of Mississippi River

Hurricane Isaac came into the Gulf Coast weaker than meteorologists expected, as just a Category 1 hurricane, but the storm was strong enough to actually reverse the flow of the Mississippi River. For close to 24 hours, the storm surge created by Hurricane Isaac actually caused water to flow up the river at a pace… Read more »