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Donald Trump Sues Univision, Feuds With Neil Young

Donald Trump suing Univision over pageant cancellation

Donald Trump plans to sue the Univision television network for pulling out of broadcasting the Miss USA Pageant on July 12. In his verbose presidential campaign announcement on June 16 in New York City, Trump prompted a backlash when he complained about rapists and other criminals allegedly coming across the southern border from Mexico. Univision… Read more »

Miss USA Contestant Was Conceived In Rape, But Here For A Reason

Valerie Gatto Miss USA Hopeful, Rape-Conceived

Her life is the very definition of something beautiful coming out of something ugly. Valerie Gatto was conceived when her mother was brutally raped at knife-point, and now she is Miss Pennsylvania, about to compete for the title of Miss USA. It is truly a story of “beauty from ashes.” The 24-year-old beauty queen opened… Read more »

Sheena Monnin Must Pay Donald Trump $5 Million, Judge Rules

Sheena Monnin

Sheena Monnin must pay Donald Trump $5 million for defaming his Miss U.S.A. and Miss Universe beauty pageant on Today in June 2012. She had claimed that she saw a list of the five finalists before the pageant even began — which Trump and the pageant organizers said was untrue. According to a New York… Read more »

Donald Trump, Miss USA Contestants, Sing ‘Call Me Maybe’ [Video]

call me maybe

Donald Trump recently took a break from trying to prove President’ Obama is lying about his birth certificate to join the Miss USA contestants for a nice sing-along. Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe” has already been unofficially dubbed the “song of the Summer.” Justin Bieber and his celebrity friends made a cover video… Read more »

Rima Fakih Sentenced To Probation, Community Service In DUI Case


Rima Fakih, the first Arab-American to be crowned Miss USA, managed to avoid jail time when she was sentenced on Wednesday for driving while visibly impaired. Instead of going to jail, Fakih will be put on six months probation, and she will also be required to serve 20 hours of community service. In addition to… Read more »

Rima Fakih Accepts Plea in DUI Case, Ex-Miss USA Pleads No Contest

rima fakih DUI

Rima Fakih was the first Arab-American Miss USA, but in 2011, she experienced a setback when she was pulled over in Michigan and arrested for driving under the influence. At the time of her arrest on December 3rd, Fakih had been reportedly driving erratically and doing 60 in a 30 MPH zone. When stopped by… Read more »