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Miley Cyrus And Madonna Praised For Armpit Hair

Miley Cyrus and Madonna

Just five years ago, Miley Cyrus and Madonna would have been condemned for growing hair under their armpits. In 1985, when Playboy and Penthouse published nude pictures of Madonna she took six years earlier with hairy armpits, she was ridiculed. Society has definitely changed. This week, several articles appeared online praising women such as Miley… Read more »

Ken Ham: Miley Cyrus Might As Well Have Sex With Animals

Miley Cyrus draws the line at nonconsent - Ken Ham says she shouldn't.

Miley Cyrus has been speaking out about sexuality, religion, and the intersection between the two — where some religious beliefs advocate for limits on the rights of people of certain sexualities. Specifically, she’s been talking about her foundation, Happy Hippie, a nonprofit devoted to helping LGBT youth. In order to discuss this, though, Miley Cyrus… Read more »