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Polygamous Muslims Are Allowed To Have Four Wives On Welfare?

Government Assistance Programs

Over the course of Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the United States, Muslims have been receiving more recognition and benefits. As a result, businesses have followed Obama’s lead and they too are catering to Muslim tastes. The Inquisitr reported numerous times when such has taken place. During the month of Ramadan, it was reported… Read more »

Thirty Michigan Students Might Face Felony Charges For ‘Sexting’


Michigan has become prominent in the news for online sex exploits, especially when it comes to students. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on Michigan students utilizing the internet, social media, and online communications just to pass around sexually-explicit pictures of themselves and others. This includes two teenagers facing child pornography charges for posting their sexual… Read more »

2015 Mustang Begins Production in Michigan With Historic Implications


The 2015 Mustang begins production in Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. The 2015 Mustang becomes the first Mustang to go global as the sixth-generation Ford pony car will be exported for the first time in its 50-year history. Every 2015 Mustang will be built at the Flat Rock plant, including the right-hand drive… Read more »

Piranha Cousin Hooked In Michigan Lake

pacu lake st clair

A Michigan woman hooked a piranha cousin with a vicious bite while fishing on Lake St. Clair. The sharp and imposing teeth of the cousin of the treacherous piranha make it easy to understand why the species is one of the most deadly on the planet. Holley Luft deemed the hooking of a red-belied pacu… Read more »

Illegal Immigration: Michigan Town Protests Arrival Of Busloads Of Children

vassar michigan

Illegal immigrant children will soon be rolling into the small town of Vassar, Michigan – many residents are already protesting the anticipated busloads. Wolverine Human Services typically helps poor Michigan children, but is now in the midst of inking a social services contract with the Office of Refugee Resettlement to process 120 male illegal immigrant… Read more »

Lake Superior Still Frozen

Lake Superior temperatures.

A long and brutal winter has left Lake Superior frozen on the surface well into spring. According to Detroit News, the surface water over the deepest sections of Lake Superior are at least 6 degrees colder than normal. This weather anomaly will delay the point at which heavy evaporation begins in Lake Superior, which will… Read more »

Ann Arbor Takes Steps Towards An Outdoor Smoking Ban

outdoor smoking ban

Monday evening, Ann Arbor City Council passed a controversial ordinance which would limit outdoor smoking. The new ordinance, passed by a nine to two vote, will ban smoking within ten feet of a bus stop and within 20 feet of city buildings. Violators of the outdoor smoking ban ordinance will be issued a civil infraction… Read more »

Special Needs Child Arrested On Two Felony Charges

michigan special needs boy

An 8-year-old special needs child is facing two felony counts after running away from his learning center. Edward Hart has documented “anger issues” according to his stepfather, Robert Bluhm. After running away from the Hillside Learning and Behavior Center in Allegan, Michigan, the little boy was found at a nearby party store by school staffers…. Read more »

Affirmative Action: Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Law

Supreme Court Michigan

Affirmative Action will no longer be a factor for college admissions in Michigan. The US Supreme Court ruled in a six to two decision that voters in the state have the right to alter the Michigan Constitution to prohibit public universities and colleges from factoring race in acceptance decisions. The US Supreme Court noted in… Read more »