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‘Drink More Beer’ Road Sign In Michigan Sells For $600

Drink more beer

In these days when road safety is key and drunken driving is a definite “no-no,” an electronic road sign bearing the slogan “drink more beer” definitely caught people’s attention. While some thought that maybe the sign had been hacked, it turns out it is the real deal. The owner apparently wanted to sell the sign… Read more »

LGBT Adoption Bill Signed Into Law By Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

governor rick snyder

A Michigan law which has been dubbed the “LGBT adoption” bill, was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday and it is sparking backlash. The legislature approved legislation which would permit faith-based agencies that contract with state agencies to refuse service to prospective parents on religious grounds. The religious adoption agencies would refer… Read more »

Michigan Man Takes On Four Rottweilers To Save Boy

rottweilers attack boy

A Michigan construction boss took on four Rottweilers to save a boy. Kenneth Hansen has been hailed as hero for taking on the attacking dogs by both the media and the boy’s family. The Michigan man was working in Gatriot County on a Riverdale area home when he heard a boy screaming in terror nearby…. Read more »