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Obama Visits Michigan To Discuss Minimum Wage

president-obama-minimum-wage pic

President Barrack Obama was in Michigan yesterday to discuss multiple issues, most prominent among them being minimum wage. The President supports the notion of increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. Though the proposal will be executed in stages and spread over two years, the Republicans appear to be… Read more »

Michigan Considering Farm Animals Ban

property rights

Michigan is considering a farm animals ban. Residents who keep just one critter which the state deems a “farm animal” could face still penalties. Opponents to the potential law widely consider the move an infringement on property rights. The Michigan Right to Farm Act currently allows residents who live in areas zoned either commercial or… Read more »

Giant Mastodon Tooth Left In Donation Box At Michigan Charity

Giant Mastodon Tooth Donated In Michigan

A giant Mastodon tooth was left inside a donations box at a Michigan charity. The giant tooth was placed alongside donated clothing and other used items meants for low-income residents. The donation box was picked up in July from a Grand Rapids location. When they opened the donated box of items workers found what is… Read more »

Scuba Diver Caught Smuggling Pot

Border agents caught a scuba diver with 8 pounds of marijuana

Scuba divers are usually explorers who realize how dangerous the activity is. The Inquisitr has done quite a few stories on how perilous scuba diving can be. So it would seem that you would not want to add to the danger. Well, according to the Sun News, someone added to that danger, and it cost… Read more »

Michigan Fast Food Restaurant Paying Workers $12 Per Hour, Still Turning A Profit

Moo Cluck Moo

Michigan’s newest fast food chain Moo Cluck Moo pays its workers $12 per hour, and, despite claims from McDonald’s, Burger King, and others, the company is turning a healthy profit. The restaurant is located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and Allen Fisher, the restaurant’s managing partner pays $4.60 over the Federally mandated minimum wage because “it’s… Read more »

Teen Punches Baby In The Head After Giving Birth

Teen Punches Baby In Michigan

“Teen punches baby” isn’t the kind of disgusting headline you want to read on a Friday morning, but police in Benzie County, Michigan, are reporting that’s exactly what happened. Authorities said 18-year-old Alyce Morales admitted she “freaked out” after giving birth at the Platte River Campground in Benzie County. The birth occurred inside a campsite… Read more »

Marijuana Pipe Found In Burger King Kid’s Meal

Marijuana Pipe Found in Burger King Kid's Meal Discovered By 4-Year-Old's Grandfather

A marijuana pipe found in a Burger King Kid’s Meal has left one BK restaurant with a lot of explaining to do. According to a Wednesday report from, the pipe was left in the bag of a kid’s meal that went to a 4-year-old boy in Michigan. Dundee Police said that a 23-year-old employee… Read more »

Grant Reed Tumor: Ohio State Fan Names His Tumor ‘Michigan’ Then Beats It

Grant Reed Tumor

Grant Reed’s tumor could have left him feeling sorry for himself while he spent time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Instead, the 12-year-old Ohio State fan chose to name his tumor “Michigan,” and then he fought to beat it. Reed’s parents Troy and Denise were members of the Ohio State University Marching Band, and their school spirit… Read more »

Dearborn Garage Rule A Target On Arab-Americans, Opponents Say

Dearborn Garage Rule, Discrimination Toward Arab-Americans?

A Dearborn garage rule being considered in Michigan may be targeting Arab-Americans, according to opponents of the proposed ordinance in recent comments to The Associated Press. City officials are examining the possibility of changing an ordinance on garage use, fearing that people have gotten too comfortable using their garages as second living rooms instead of… Read more »

Tracking Winter Storm Euclid: Blizzard Warning Issued

winter storm euclid

Weather is the topic of conversation around the office the day after Christmas. For the third year time in the past four years, a major winter storm is making its way across the United States during the holiday season. By the time Winter Storm Euclid leaves the New England region on Friday, the snow left… Read more »