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Michigan Man Takes On Four Rottweilers To Save Boy

rottweilers attack boy

A Michigan construction boss took on four Rottweilers to save a boy. Kenneth Hansen has been hailed as hero for taking on the attacking dogs by both the media and the boy’s family. The Michigan man was working in Gatriot County on a Riverdale area home when he heard a boy screaming in terror nearby…. Read more »

Mastodon Bones Discovered In Michigan Man’s Backyard [Video]

Mastodon Bones In Michigan

Thanks to advancements in technology over the past five years, discovering the past has seen monumental strides. The Inquisitr reported on such news, in which professionals in the field of exploration discovered something truly breathtaking. On the side of archaeology, satellite images were used to pinpoint possible locations of the tomb of Genghis Khan. On… Read more »