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Monumental Methane Leaks Discovered Off East Coast Of U.S.

methane seeps

Monumental methane leaks have been discovered off the east coast of the United States according to a new paper published yesterday in Nature Geoscience. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the effect of methane gas on global warming is 20 times greater than the effects of carbon dioxide. Though methane has a considerably shorter shelf-life… Read more »

Methane Stored In Fire Ice Could Be Extracted By Man Or Nature

Fire Ice and Methane

Hydrocarbons like oil, coal and gas are easy to access and plentiful… but they also emit CO2 which is our main culprit in global warming. The search for alternative fuel has been a primary focus for energy experts everywhere – but could another hydrocarbon be the unsuspected answer? It’s street name is fire ice. Methane… Read more »