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Gun Control: Why Passing More Laws Will Not Stop Mass Shootings

second amendment

Passing more gun control laws will not prevent the tragic mass shootings and school shootings which have sadly become commonplace in America. The state of California and the city of Chicago have had some of the most stringent gun laws on the books for years, yet both continue to be home to mounting crime rates…. Read more »

Depression: What College Students Can Do To Cope

depression strikes college students

Depression is definitely a huge burden for college students. Instead of the enjoyable experience people usually associate with college, students with depression sometimes perceive life in the university as a harrowing 4-year struggle through self-doubt and misery. College students with depression often find themselves struggling to balance schoolwork and family. Some even have part-time work… Read more »

ADHD Doesn’t Exist? Neurologist Challenges the Condition

Is ADHD real

According to the 2013 statistics, the diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has skyrocketed, as more people than ever are being diagnosed with the mental disorder. The condition, which is associated with impulsive and hyperactive behavior, has been diagnosed to approximately three to seven percent of children in the United Kingdom. Such a high… Read more »

Depression Drug Brintellix Approved By FDA

Brintellix Receives Approval For Treating Depression

The United States Food and Drug Administration approved Brintellix for treatment of major depressive disorder Monday, bringing brand name options back to a drug market awash in generics. Major depressive disorder (MDD), commonly referred to as depression, is defined as a mental disorder characterized by mood changes and other symptoms that interfere with a person’s… Read more »

Antidepressants Are Prescribed Way Too Much: Doc


Antidepressants are being overprescribed by physicians, a Scottish doctor claims. Dr. Des Spence insists, according to the Glagow Daily Record, that it’s all part of lucrative marketing campaign in that “anti-depressants have become the ‘golden goose’ for drug companies, with links between the big firms and doctors creating a ‘drug mindset’ over how to treat… Read more »

Asperger’s Syndrome A Scapegoat In Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Asperger's Syndrome A Scapegoat In Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, some people are worried that those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome may become stigmatized. Many people are wanting a scapegoat for the tragedy, with some blaming guns, some saying that we should arm the teachers, and others saying that the shooting is a symptom of societal issues. Another target… Read more »

Stressed, Depressed Women Less Likely To Take Birth Control Consistently

Women who experience moderate to severe depression and stress are less likely to take proper birth control precautions, study shows

A new study suggests that depression and stress can lead to lapses in proper use of birth control. The study, presented on Monday at the annual meeting of American Public Health Association, found that women with moderate to severe depression and stress symptoms were “less likely to use contraception consistently — that is, use it… Read more »

Sex Addiction: Researchers Claim It Is A Real Disorder And Define The Symptoms

sex addiction disorder research

Sex addiction is a real disorder which may affect people who cannot stop sexual activities which interfere with their daily lives, according a new University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) study. Researchers participating in the study defined not only the aspects of the addiction but developed a series of quantifying symptoms to diagnose patients. UCLA… Read more »

Stressed Out Or Depressed? You Could Be Shrinking Your Brain

Brain Shrinks Based On Stress and Depression

Chronic stress, bouts of severe depression, and other mental stresses could be blocking the formation of new nerve connections while at the same time shrinking your brain. Study lead author Professor Ronald Duman of Yale University found that people with major depressive disorder (MDD) suffer from concentration and memory loss and blunted responses, all of… Read more »