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MIA Megan Fox May Light Our Fires But Offers Little Fuel For Flames

Actress Megan Fox

A few short years ago, Megan Fox lit up the silver screen as a Hollywood It girl. Megan Fox sizzled in the Transformers franchise, a relative unknown made into the next sultry star, capturing America’s heart and… other parts of the anatomy. But what has Megan Fox done for us lately? Apparently Megan Fox didn’t… Read more »

The World Demands More Megan Fox Baby News

Megan Fox Pregnant Again

Things are quiet on the Megan Fox baby front. A little too quiet. Not to suggest that things are going anything other than swimmingly, mind you, but the world demands updates, Megan Fox! Fox and husband Brian Green have been notoriously stingy with their firstborn, Noah, and it looks like Megan Fox won’t be changing… Read more »

Megan Fox Debuts Baby Bump in Hawaii


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have a lot to celebrate. The couple took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate the second marking of their wedding anniversary, and of course the pending arrival of their first child together. Although the couple have fought off rumors in the past when speculation of Megan Fox’s pregnancy came… Read more »

Megan Fox is Pregnant [Report]

megan fox pregnant

Megan Fox is pregnant, according to a new report out of Star Magazine. It kind of sucks that with internet gossip sites (like us!) that celebrities like Megan Fox can’t get knocked up in peace and observe the traditional period of awkwardly not saying anything about being pregnant when all of a sudden you get… Read more »