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The McRib Is Made With Real Food and McDonald’s Proves It

McRib video

The McRib sandwich from McDonald’s only comes to the world a couple of times each year and then the world lashes out in a frenzy. There are the groups that love it and those that despise it and claim it to be made from processed foods and just about anything else you can imagine. McDonald’s… Read more »

Burger King Unveils McRib Buster

burger king

Burger King just got its own McRib. The restaurant chain unveiled its BK Rib Sandwich today and many have dubbed it a McDonald’s McRib buster. The sandwich features boneless ribs a tangy sauce and a sweet bun. It will make its national debut on May 21. The McRib has gathered a cult following over the… Read more »

McRib Sandwich Makes Its Return Later Than Usual This Year

McRib Returns

Fans of the McRib sandwich had what was likely an agonizing wait this year, as the cult-favorite sandwich that usually arrives in October is finally here, a few months behind schedule. McDonalds across the country started rolling out the McRib sandwich this week, NPR noted. The sandwich, with its mix of gooey barbeque sauce, onions,… Read more »

McDonald’s Curly Fries… They Exist, But Probably Not In Your Neighborhood

mcdonald's curly fries

McDonald’s curly fries are, at first glance, seem like something you could probably see appearing on the menu for a limited time. Unfortunately the fries, while on-brand and compelling to consider aren’t likely available in your market. Like McDonald’s lobster rolls in Maine, McDonald’s curly fries are not available in nearly all McDonald’s joints worldwide… Read more »

Shamrock Shakes Not Available in Your Area? Copycat Versions Abound [Recipe]

shamrock shake copycat recipe

Like the McRib before it, we’ve covered the difficulty Shamrock Shake fans have in satiating their cravings when the cursed McDonald’s offering is available unpredictably or not at all in one’s area. (And like Corned Beef and Soda Bread, you probably already know Shamrock Shakes are a strictly American tradition.) Such is the frustration with… Read more »