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Mandatory Flu Shots Coming Soon In NYC

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A New York City Board of Health initiative set to take effect in 30 days will mandate flu shots for all children under the age of six who attend day care or preschool. If the new regulation is enacted as written, flu vaccines will no longer be voluntary for young children, a move which many… Read more »

Mayor Bloomberg: De Blasio ‘Racist,’ Waging ‘Class Warfare’

Mayor Bloomberg: De Blasio 'Racist,' Waging 'Class Warfare'

Mayor Bloomberg says Democratic front-runner de Blasio is “racist” and waging “class warfare” in his NYC mayor campaign. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on a less serious note Mayor Bloomberg says “bladder control” let him become a billionaire. Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban was rejected by an appeals court. Mayor Bloomberg’s accusations against the de… Read more »

Bloomberg Soda Ban Rejected By Appeals Court


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban large sugary drinks has fizzled in a state appeals court. The court confirmed a March ruling by a Manhattan judge that tossed out the regulation right before it was to take effect for being “arbitrary and capricious,” which is standard legal terminology in such matters. Bloomberg’s… Read more »

NYC Teen Pregnancy Shaming Ads Decried By Planned Parenthood

nyc teen pregnancy slut shaming

A controversial new series of PSAs in New York City “shaming” teen mothers in a bid to reduce early pregnancy rates has nearly universally come under fire as it is unveiled — and the material stemming from one of America’s most progressive cities is shocking indeed. The NYC teen pregnancy shaming campaign has been lambasted… Read more »

Bloomberg’s Formula Ban Is The Right Move, Here’s Why

NYC formula ban

COMMENTARY | New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to only get in the news lately for being bossy (except when he’s criticizing someone else’s bossiness) but a new initiative he’s planning in New York City has moms on both side of the breastfeeding debate all charged up. Essentially, Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a plan… Read more »