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‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack: 12 Confirmed Dead At French Satirical Newspaper

Charlie Hedbo terror attack

A Paris shooting inside the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has left 12 people dead and four seriously injured on Wednesday. French security officials have confirmed that three gunmen carried out the attack and then escaped by car. The unidentified gunmen, who spoke perfect, unaccented French, opened fire on Charlie Hebdo, shooting at… Read more »

Texas Dad Kills Six, Including Four Of His Children

texas shooting

Texas dad Ron Lee Haskell shot and killed six people, including four of his own children. One teen daughter, who was shot in the head, remains in critical condition. Haskell was engaged in a lengthy standoff with Houston area police officers before ultimately surrendering. The wounded 15-year-old daughter was able to tell a police dispatcher… Read more »

Jewish Museum Shooting Suspect Captured With Weapons [VIDEO]

French authorities have detained a 29-year-old man named Mehdi Nemmouche who is believed to be connected to a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium on May 24. Nemmouche, a radicalized Islamist who recently spent a year in Syria (according to CNN), was detained after customs officials discovered both a Kalashnikov assault rifle and… Read more »

Connecticut: Bristol School Shooting Threat Suspect Arrested

Connecticut school shooting threat

Bristol, CT – Connecticut police officers arrested an unnamed student for allegedly making threats for a school shooting at Bristol Central High School. The state and the country are still in shock over the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the apparent copy-cat style threats are almost too much to comprehend. Police officers noted in… Read more »

Suspect James Holmes Was a Legal Gun Owner, Police Say

suspect james holmes

Suspect James Holmes, the man police say killed a dozen people and injured dozens more at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, legally purchased and carried the weapons believed to be responsible for the massacre, authorities say. Police say that suspect James Holmes was in possession of several firearms and rounds of ammunition,… Read more »