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Four-Year-Old Pulls Off Bruce Lee’s Nunchuk Kung-Fu Moves [Video]

Four-Year-Old Bruce Lee

A YouTube video showing a precocious 4-year-old demonstrating flawless nunchuk kung-fu skills has led many to declare that the legendary kung-fu expert and movie star Bruce Lee has been reincarnated. The 4-year-old demonstrates remarkable ability to mimic Bruce Lee’s skills with ease, twirling the martial arts weapons in a blur in two hands. He has… Read more »

Jim Kelly: 8 Martial Arts Movies You May Have Missed

Jim Kelly Movies

Enter the Dragon actor Jim Kelly passed away on Saturday after losing his battle with cancer. The martial arts guru was 67 years old. Although many fondly remember the Paris, Kentucky native for his role in the Bruce Lee classic, he also appeared in several other martial arts films over the years. While they are… Read more »

Tim Tebow Practiced Tai Chi To Improve QB Skills

Tim Tebow incorporated Tai Chi into his training regimen

Tim Tebow incorporated Tai Chi into his training regimen to improve his quarterback mechanics. So says independent QB coach Steve Clarkson who worked with Tebow in February and claims that Tebow has upgraded his skills in part by shortening his throwing motion. Clarkson added that Tebow’s footwork has in the past hampered his passing accuracy…. Read more »