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Mark Cuban Gives Controversial Medical Advice On Twitter

Mark Cuban Uses Twitter To Give Controversial Health Advice

Mark Cuban caused a stir on his Twitter feed Wednesday by giving medical advice to his legions of followers. On the surface, the advice seems quite benign, but the negative reaction of medical professionals was swift. Cuban, financial investor, billionaire, and NBA team owner, said people should get regular blood tests if they can afford… Read more »

Mark Cuban Under Fire For Admitting We All Have Prejudices

mark cuban racism sterling

Mogul Mark Cuban commented on the Donald Sterling situation, and his plain-talking style has the Dallas Mavericks owner at the center of controversy once again. Before we get into Mark Cuban’s latest comments, let us first mention that he once totally linked to The Inquisitr after his kidney stone livetweet sesh: Its finally over. It… Read more »

Mark Cuban Trial Jury Deliberating Insider Trading Charges

Mark Cuban Trial Deliberating Insider Trading Charges

The Mark Cuban trial is almost over, with the jury now deliberating the charges. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Mark Cuban trial is about alleged insider trading. The Mark Cuban trial is not based a criminal indictment. The billionaire will not face any prison time and the case is considered a civil lawsuit…. Read more »

Kidd Kraddick Death Watch: Proceed With Caution, People

Kidd Kraddick Death Watch: Has The Popular Morning Show Guy Kicked The Bucket?

UPDATE: Kidd Kraddick has died. A previous report from The Inquisitr was written close to three hours after Mark Cuban’s tweet. At the time of publication, the only news and information that existed online was Cuban’s tweet and given the history of Twitter hacks we’ve seen this year, I, the writer of that piece, believed… Read more »

Mark Cuban Refuses To Discuss Los Angeles Lakers Fans

Mark Cuban wont talk about lakers fans

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is no longer falling for the bait when it comes to discussing Los Angeles Lakers fans. During an interview with the press before Saturday night’s game, the Mavs owner refused to talk about Lakers fans. According to Cuban: “I’ve said enough about the Lakers. Let’s just say that when you… Read more »

Mark Cuban: Facebook Pushing Us Away

Mark Cuban power balance scam NBA

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban has sent a public email out saying that he is finally fed up with Facebook. He says the social networking giant has been drilling him for super high fees that change per post and that he is sick of the added expense and hassle. Cuban said that he… Read more »