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Yankees Bring Mariano Rivera To Tears With Classy Farewell

Yankees send Mariano Rivera off in tears

Mariano Rivera played his last game ever at Yankee Stadium Thursday night, and the team sent him out in tears in what has to be one of the classiest farewells of all time. Mariano Rivera didn’t get a horse, and he didn’t get to fulfill his dream of playing center field, instead New York sent… Read more »

Yankees Missing Bobbleheads On Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night

The Yankees had no bobbleheads for Mariano Rivera bobblehead night

To celebrate Mariano Rivera’s retirement, the Yankees chose Tuesday night as Mariano Rivera bobblehead night. The only problem is there were no bobbleheads. Before the game the Yankees were expecting their shipment of 18,000 Mariano River bobbleheads to arrive. When they found out the delivery was running late they tried to make fans wait. As… Read more »