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Is Marco Rubio Wealthy Enough For The White House?

Marco Rubio

In a world filled with political millionaires, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida, is quickly becoming known as one of the least wealthy politicians in Washington. Rubio has long been criticized for his personal spending. In fact, in September, Rubio sold $68,241 of retirement funds to cover personal bills, according to the… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Backs Path To Citizenship, Calls It ‘A Family Issue’

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton staked out her position on immigration reform recently, saying she supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. She also praised President Barack Obama’s executive orders to protect some immigrants from deportation. Hillary Clinton is rolling out her platform on key issues like immigration reform and working to separate… Read more »

Mike Huckabee And Social Security Protectionism

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has been here before, but it’s possible he’s found a formula that could work for him this time around. As is the case with most of the Republican candidates for President, Mike Huckabee’s candidacy is not the first time he’s jumped into the race. Unlike the other members of the ever-growing group of… Read more »

Bernie Sanders Showing Weakness Of Republican Field

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders officially jumped into the presidential race this week, and while some might have dismissed his entrance as a stunt, the Indepedent who is runing as a Democrat raised more than $1.5 million in the first 24 hours of his candidacy. Not only does this show that Bernie Sanders is a little more popular… Read more »

Marco Rubio Moves Toward 2016 Presidential Bid

Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio seems to be inching closer to making a 2016 presidential bid. The Florida senator tells top advisors to prepare for a campaign, signing on a leading Republican fundraiser, and make plans for extensive travel to early voting states. ABC News is reporting Senator Rubio has told staff to “proceed as if I… Read more »

Wendy Davis Milks The Republican Outrage Cow

Wendy Davis

It seems like Wendy Davis, the Texas gubernatorial candidate whose political star was launched by a flamboyant filibuster last year, just can not get enough mileage out of Republican outrage. That must be it. Why else would Senator Davis speak up at an event by and for a group that Republican lawmakers have been accused… Read more »

Republican President Hopefuls Must Find New Voice

2016 Republican President Hopefuls

The 2016 Republican President hopefuls are a list of 10-11 names that many of us have heard before. Names like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all show the new blood of the Republican Party. However, the voice remains the same. At each candidate’s core remains similar beliefs including, smaller government, free market… Read more »

Rubio Reaches For Water As Internet Users Focus On The Mundane

Marco Rubio Reaches For Water

“Rubio reaches for water” is one of the most popular trending terms on the internet following President Obama’s State of the Union Speech. The term began trending after Marco Rubio awkwardly grabbed for a bottle of water and, in the process, made a very slight grimace face. During his 10-minute rebuttal to President Obama’s SOTU… Read more »

Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter has attacked Marco Rubio as the Florida senator continues to push his bipartisan plan on immigration. After Rubio spent Tuesday talking immigration reform on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, Coulter blasted the GOP senator in a Human Events column. Coulter said Rubio, whose new immigration plan would allow unauthorized immigrants to apply for citizenship,… Read more »