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‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Named: Spoilers Ahead!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

The winner of 2014’s America’s Got Talent has been announced and it is… not going to be revealed in the first sentence of this post, because that would be a major spoiler! Before the winner is revealed, though, we can talk about another piece of America’s Got Talent news that’s got fans buzzing: host Nick… Read more »

Levitating Magician Not Levitating For Real, This Is News

levitating magician

  A levitating magician featured floating beside a double decker London bus is not, in fact, levitating, much of the internet was seemingly surprised to learn. The levitating magician clip was somehow tied in with Pepsi Max, but the real mystery is with all the totally interesting viral videos across the web, this one is… Read more »