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Smoker’s Lungs Used In Transplant Results In Patient’s Death

Jennifer Grannell

London, England – A woman has died after receiving a smoker’s lungs during a transplant, according to Fox News. The 27-year-old woman received the transplant at Harefield Hospital in London. Roughly 16 months after receiving the transplant, the woman died of lung cancer. Her father is now asking that hospitals release the medical history of… Read more »

Human Organs From 100 People Found During Florida Storage Unit Auction

human organs found in storage unit auction

Pensacola, FL – A medical examiner allegedly stashed the hearts, lungs, and brains of more than 100 people inside drink cups and Tupperware containers. Dr. Michael Berkland is accused of keeping the human organs, which were soaking in formaldehyde, inside a rented storage unit. In 2003, the Pensacola medical examiner was fired for failing to… Read more »

Doctors Keep Donated Lungs Breathing While Waiting for Patient

thalidomide IPF

Nancy Bloch, 60, of Wstchester, N.Y., is now the second patient to successfully undergo a new experimental approach to lung transplantation at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Where usually lungs are checked while in the donor’s deceased body and removed when deemed viable, lungs in this new approach are removed and placed in a transparent case…. Read more »