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Deadly Asbestos Fibers Found In Children’s Crayons And Toys

Asbestos In Crayons

Asbestos fibers were detected in a number of children’s crayons and play crime lab kits by two government-certified laboratories. A recent report by the Environmental Working Group Action Fund acknowledged “samples of four brands of children’s crayons and two kids’ crime scene fingerprint kits contain deadly asbestos fibers,” including crayons marketed with colorful characters like… Read more »

Exciting New Lung Cancer Vaccine Coming To U.S.

Lung Cancer Vaccine

Cimavax, a new lung cancer vaccine made in Cuba, is making waves in the fight against lung cancer. Not only are the results significant, but the lung cancer vaccine is so inexpensive to create that it’s been offered to cancer patients in Cuba for free since 2011. Though the lung cancer vaccine is not yet… Read more »

David Carr Autopsy: He Died From Lung Cancer, Heart Disease

David Carr

David Carr, the popular and well-respected New York Times media columnist, died from metastatic lung cancer. The New York Post reports that an autopsy conducted on David Carr’s body confirmed that his death was caused by complications from the terminal illness. According to Julie Bolcer, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office in New York… Read more »

Grandma Betty, Instagram Celeb, Dead At 80

Grandma Betty Is Dead, But Will Live On Through Instagram Following

Grandma Betty, the beloved Instagram celebrity with more than 682,000 followers, is dead at 80. Those who followed Betty’s good-natured, high-on-life pics were aware that the octogenarian had lung cancer. On Saturday, the fight against it ended. During her time as an Instagram celebrity, Grandma Betty encouraged followers to “Love everybody and be good to… Read more »

No. 2 Cigarette Company Loses $23.6 Billion Lawsuit

RJ Reynolds slapped with major class action lawsuit.

A jury in Florida has slapped the second largest cigarette company in the U.S. with $23.6 billion in damages to a widow who filed for damages after her long-time smoking husband died of lung cancer in 1996. According to CBS News, Cynthia Robinson sued the cigarette company RJ Reynolds for punitive damages and took the… Read more »

Secondhand Smoke Is Killing Your Pet [Study]


Secondhand smoke could be killing your pet, according to a new study from Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, Colorado State University and other schools and reported by CBS Sacramento. The reports indicate that this deadly smoke can cause lung and nasal cancer in dogs, malignant lymphoma in cats and allergy and respiratory… Read more »

Ann Arbor Takes Steps Towards An Outdoor Smoking Ban

outdoor smoking ban

Monday evening, Ann Arbor City Council passed a controversial ordinance which would limit outdoor smoking. The new ordinance, passed by a nine to two vote, will ban smoking within ten feet of a bus stop and within 20 feet of city buildings. Violators of the outdoor smoking ban ordinance will be issued a civil infraction… Read more »

Smoker’s Lungs Used In Transplant Results In Patient’s Death

Jennifer Grannell

London, England – A woman has died after receiving a smoker’s lungs during a transplant, according to Fox News. The 27-year-old woman received the transplant at Harefield Hospital in London. Roughly 16 months after receiving the transplant, the woman died of lung cancer. Her father is now asking that hospitals release the medical history of… Read more »

Lung Cancer Risk Lowered By Aspirin Use in Women, Study Finds

lung cancer aspirin regimen

A daily, low-dose aspirin regimen has been linked to a host of health benefits- including reduced risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular issues- but a new study has shown a surprising link between a daily aspirin regimen and reduced risk of lung cancer in women. Of course, an aspirin regimen is not right… Read more »

Yearly Lung Cancer Screening Cost-Effective For Smokers, Study Finds

lung cancer study 2012

This month, health news has centered a bit around the cost-effectiveness of frequent screenings, but one particular type (lung cancer tests for long-term smokers) still has the go ahead. Yearly pap smears were one of the tests experts said might be better if done less frequently, and overall, a panel of nine different medical disciplines… Read more »

Doctors Keep Donated Lungs Breathing While Waiting for Patient

thalidomide IPF

Nancy Bloch, 60, of Wstchester, N.Y., is now the second patient to successfully undergo a new experimental approach to lung transplantation at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Where usually lungs are checked while in the donor’s deceased body and removed when deemed viable, lungs in this new approach are removed and placed in a transparent case…. Read more »