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Darth Vader To Appear In ‘Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One’

Vader will reportedly direct much of the action in the movie, though operating behind the scenes.

One of the most iconic villains in film history is set to reappear on the silver screen, as Darth Vader will reportedly have a role in the first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One. Birth.Movies.Death. reports that the fallen Jedi last seen in 2005’s Revenge of the Sith (famously a low point in the series… Read more »

Original ‘Star Wars’ Script Discovered In Canadian Library

Though it was acquired sometime during the 1990s, little else is known about where the script originated.

A vintage shooting script for George Lucas’ 1977 classic Star Wars: A New Hope has been discovered in a Canadian library, and despite its astonishing rarity, no one seems to know exactly how the document ended up there. Librarian Kristian Brown stumbled upon the Star Wars script while digitizing some of the science fiction collection… Read more »

Should George Lucas Be Involved In Future ‘Star Wars’ Films?

Should George Lucas be involved in future 'Star Wars' films?

George Lucas was apparently snubbed by Disney after he sold the Star Wars franchise to the studio a couple of years ago, but should he be involved in future films? Many reply with a resounding no, not even thinking twice, after the disaster of the prequels, which left fans of the original trilogy with a… Read more »

Disney Places ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie On Slate After ‘Star Wars’

Indiana Jones Still At Works At Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently revealed that the company is still interested in creating more films in the Indiana Jones franchise. Iger attended a recent breakfast with Variety, where reporter Marc Graser was live tweeting the event. Graser reported Bob’s hopes for more Indiana Jones, and why fans will have to wait for the potential… Read more »