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Los Angeles Police Find 1,200 Guns In Dead Man’s Home


Los Angeles police were investigating a man’s death when they discovered an “arsenal” of more than 1,200 guns and approximately two tons of ammo in his home. LAPD Commander Andrew Smith deemed the number of handguns and shotguns in the home a “staggering” sight. Many of the 1,200 guns in the home were reportedly still… Read more »

Brandon Kiel Ran Fake Police Force, Masonic Fraternal Police Department Fraud Allegations

masons california

Brandon Kiel ran fake police force, California investigators claim. Masonic Fraternal Police Department members were arrested in Los Angeles for impersonating law enforcement. Three people claimed they were members of the Masonic Fraternal Police Department and even produced badges, uniforms, patrol cars, and weapons to prove their authenticity. The alleged Masonic Fraternal Police Department members… Read more »

5 Seconds Of Summer: No More Mr. Nice Guy

5 Seconds Of Summer

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer may be a big hit with their teeny bopper fans, but it seems not everyone wants to see the boys. 5 Seconds of Summer are currently in the U.S., and according to the Daily Mail, the boys were in for a big disappointment as they headed to an… Read more »

Harry Styles Looks Old And Tired: Is The Pressure Taking Its Toll?

Harry Styles

Hunky heartthrob Harry Styles was out and about in L.A. last night, and the Daily Mirror just published some snaps in which they claim that the long-haired lothario looks much older than his 21-years. Harry is pictured dressed all in black and with what appears to be a blue spotted hair band hanging around his… Read more »

Flies: Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Los Angeles


There’s an old saying which states that after the apocalypse, after all the people and the animals and the plants are gone from the planet, that cockroaches will remain because they are so adaptable. It’s now looking as if flies might be in the same category. Something called Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (or BioSCAN… Read more »

Nick Jonas Gets ‘Saucey’ With Fans Friday Night [Photos]

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas got down and partied with fans Friday night, but not in his usual fashion. According to People, Nick Jonas made a “very special” house call when he reportedly hijacked the alcohol delivery app, Saucey, in Los Angeles. The former JoBro reportedly not only made some alcohol deliveries but also mingled with fans, and… Read more »