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The Inquisitr’s First Annual Video Game Awards

The Inquisitr's First Annual Video Game Awards Winners

Today, Monday, December 17, 2012 is a special occasion for gamers everywhere. Today is the day we announce The Inquisitr’s First Annual Video Game Awards and everyone here is excited. Yet our joy is tinged with sadness over the tragedy that shocked our nation and the world on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. A troubled young… Read more »

Glenn Beck Launches Blistering Attack On Obama During His Radio Program

Glenn Beck Criticizes Obama Over Libya

There is no doubt that Glenn Beck is strongly opposed to the presidency of Barack Obama. During Beck’s weekend radio broadcast, he took his criticism to a new height of outrage, when he launched into a blistering attack on the President’s handling of the tragedy that left four Americans dead and the United States Consulate… Read more »