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Family Members In Facebook Can Now Be Gender Neutral! What Does This Mean?

gender neutral

Over the course of last month, gender identity has been a major topic, especially in California. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported about how gender identity is now being determined by the gender one identifies themselves as instead of the gender they were born with. This includes California now recognizing gender identity among the recently… Read more »

George Takei Says He Came Out Because Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

George Takei Says Arnold Schwarzenegger Indirectly Responsible For Decision To Come Out As Gay

Star Trek actor George Takei has become something of a gay rights icon since coming out publicly in 2005. Takei, who famously was part of the first interracial kiss on television during his time on Trek, is now married to his longtime partner Brad Altman and is known as a champion for bullied LGBT teens…. Read more »

Unsolved Transgender Murders Creating Tension Between LGBT And Police

Transgender Murders Terrorizing Baltimore

A series of unsolved transgender murders are creating tension between the LGBT community and Baltimore Police. According to a recent report from MSN, Mia Henderson, 26, born Kevin Long, was found in a Baltimore alley. Henderson had been beaten to death, authorities say. This crime followed the death of Kandy Hall, born Ricky Carlos Hall,… Read more »

What Christian Singer Demi Lovato Says About Gay Love Is Amazing

Demi Lovato Twitter

Over the years, Demi Lovato has become one of the most prominent stars in both the musical spotlight and the camera limelight. Just this year alone, The Inquisitr reported numerous times on her professional and personal life. Professional highlights included her becoming the new face for the shoe brand Skechers, as well as the significant… Read more »

Obama To Sign LGBT Anti-Discrimination Orders On Monday

Anti-Discrimination Executive Order Will Be Signed On Monday

An executive order will be signed on Monday that prevents federal contractors from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) workers with very limited exceptions. Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said: “With two strokes of a pen, the President will have a very real and immediate impact on the lives of… Read more »

Sam Smith Coming Out Puts Him At Center Of Attention

Sam Smith in a promotional photo

Singer-songwriter Sam Smith has been a hot topic since he recently came out as gay. The soul artist, who you may know from his SNL appearance or his chart-topping single “Stay With Me,” publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation in a May interview with The Fader, saying: “‘In The Lonely Hour’ is about a guy that… Read more »

Burger King’s ‘Proud Whopper’ Gets Strong Reactions (Video)


Burger King’s “Proud Whooper” was released just less than a week ago and already the burger is eliciting a wide range of reactions across social media. According to USA Today, the “Proud Whooper” is not any different from the chain’s regular whopper. “The Proud Whopper, as it’s called, comes wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper… Read more »

Second Amendment Group Set To Sue Connecticut School Over Political Bias

connecticut high school

The Connecticut high school accused of political bias because of blocking conservative websites, is about to be sued by the Second Amendment Foundation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, student Andrew Lampart found the alleged partisan research limits while working on a senior paper at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury. The internet firewall utilized by… Read more »

LGBT Rights More Important Than Culture, Tradition, Says VP Joe Biden


In a statement that inspired pro-LGBT communities across the globe, Vice President Joe Biden declared Tuesday that gay and lesbian rights should be given more importance than national cultures and social traditions. According to Politico, Biden was speaking to a group of U.S. and international gay rights activist when he made the bold statement. Biden,… Read more »

Transgender Sex Change Surgery Now Covered By Medicare

sex reassignment surgery

Medicare will now cover transgender sex change surgery. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruled that the agency recognizes the procedure is medically necessary for people who do not identify with their biological sex. HHS ruled in favor of a 74-year-old Army veteran who wants Medicare to pay for transgender sex change… Read more »

Beaverton School: Tell Us Your Sexual Orientation

Beaverton School Inquires About Gay Or Straight Status

The Beaverton School District in Oregon has once again sparked outrage after a new questionnaire that included one question inquiring as to the sexual orientation of parents. Previously, the school was accused of promoting a “pro-gay agenda” when it launched an anti-bullying campaign tied to a LGBT rights group. Parents at the time were outraged… Read more »

The Steps To Equality: Same-Sex Marriage Ban Lifted In Arkansas

Arkansas lifts ban on same-sex marriage. Marriage licenses begin to be issued next day.

Every little girl imagines her wedding day. Maybe she sees herself in a long white dress made by Pnina Tornai; maybe she just sees a few of her closest friends and family against the backdrop of a sunset on the beach. Whatever that little girl sees, it’s something she thinks of, that one day when… Read more »