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San Francisco Latino LGBT Mural Defaced And Burned After Pride Parade

San Francisco LGBT Latino mural defaced and burned after Pride Parade

A crowd of several hundred artists, musicians, and city residents gathered in San Francisco Wednesday to rally in support of a defaced and burned mural that celebrates the Latino LGBT culture. The Mission District Latino LGBT mural at 24th and Bryant Street was defaced four times and then set on fire Monday night in what… Read more »

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas’ gay marriage battle is just warming up due to the announcement by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, but although a Denton County marriage was denied this past Friday, already the county clerk has switched directions, despite assurances of legal protection by the Texas AG. In related report by the Inquisitr, when County Clerk Juli… Read more »

Jim Parsons Celebrates Marriage Equality By Posting Pic With Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory' and Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons took to Instagram Friday to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Despite the positive message, Jim likely won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Parsons’ “Flashback Friday” picture was of himself with his partner Todd, and included the following caption. “#fbf to some… Read more »

Gay Rights Pioneer Madonna Has Two Reasons To Celebrate

Madonna gay rights

It’s easy to forget what a pioneer for gay rights Madonna has been. During the 1980s and early 1990s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, Madonna promoted tolerance in her songs, videos, and concerts. She was widely condemned for doing so and, to a certain extent, it hurt her career. Towleroad recently listed why… Read more »

First Ever Adult LGBT Homeless Shelter Opens In San Francisco

First ever adult LGBT shelter opens in San Francisco

The first ever adult LGBT homeless shelter opened in San Francisco Wednesday. Jazzie’s Place, named after a transgender African woman, opened in the city’s Mission District and holds 24 beds for people in the LGBT community. City Supervisor David Campos said he’s been working with activists since 2010 to create the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and… Read more »

‘Big Brother’ Adds Audrey Middleton, First U.S. Transgender Guest, To Cast

Big Brother

Big Brother is reportedly adding its first transgender guest to the U.S. cast. TMZ reports that the long-running reality television series added Audrey Middleton – a former Georgia resident – to the cast of its upcoming season. ‘Big Brother’ Transgender Houseguest — I’m Gonna Be Another Caitlyn! — TMZ (@TMZ) June 16, 2015 Middleton… Read more »

Viral Video Of Little Boy Twerking At Gay Pride Event Sparks Outrage

boy twerks at pride parade

A video showing a little boy twerking at a Gay Pride rally has gone viral, and the reactions it’s attracting are passionate to say the least. Opposing Views reports that the child appeared to be very young — no older than 12-years-old, but possibly even younger. The video has sparked controversy because of the way… Read more »

More Religious Organizations Urge Christians To Boycott Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo boycotts -- based on hate?

Several linked religious organizations are now adding to Franklin Graham’s call to boycott Wells Fargo for a commercial depicting a same-sex couple. Though the Reverend Graham has been roundly ridiculed for his call to boycott businesses that support marriage equality, and specifically for showing his disgust with Wells Fargo by switching to BB&T — a… Read more »

LGBT Adoption Bill Signed Into Law By Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

governor rick snyder

A Michigan law which has been dubbed the “LGBT adoption” bill, was signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday and it is sparking backlash. The legislature approved legislation which would permit faith-based agencies that contract with state agencies to refuse service to prospective parents on religious grounds. The religious adoption agencies would refer… Read more »