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‘Straight Man’ Jacob Lescenski Asks Gay Best Friend To Prom

Jacob Lescenski Asks Gay Friend To Prom

Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez have an unusual friendship, especially for high school boys. While gay teens often have to fight against prejudice and the feeling of being an outcast, Lescenski doesn’t think twice about the differences between himself and his gay best friend. In fact, when it came time to find a date for… Read more »

Parents Decide To Raise Transgender 5-Year-Old Jacob Lemay As A Boy

Jacob Lemay before and after.

In what might turn out to be the story of the youngest transgender child in history, two parents have decided to raise their daughter as a boy, per his own request. Five-year-old Jacob Lemay was born “Mia” but quickly began correcting his parents by insisting “I’m a boy.” Instead of fighting the wishes of the… Read more »

Mike Pence Defends Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law, Says Its Not ‘Anti-Gay’

indiana religious freedom

Mike Pence is doubling- down in support of Indiana’s Religious freedom law and said the controversial legislation some deem as “anti-gay” in not going away any time soon. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act reportedly mirrors federal legislation signed into law by President Bill Clinton and was passed unanimously in Illinois when President Barack Obama was… Read more »

Sally Kohn: ‘I’m Gay, And Want My Kid To Be A Lesbian’

Sally Kohn Wants A Gay Child, She Says

Sally Kohn is no stranger to controversy. In a 2014 piece, she once said that referring to an undocumented person as an “illegal immigrant” was tantamount to calling a black person the N-word. So it came as no surprise on Friday when Kohn declared in an op-ed for the Washington Post that she was gay… Read more »