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Sasha Baron Cohen To Star In And Direct Freddie Mercury Film

Sasha Baron Cohen

Sasha Baron Cohen will star in a Freddie Mercury biopic, after all. Time reported on Saturday that the Brüno star will wear a few more hats than originally expected in the highly-anticipated film about the former Queen frontman. Cohen will reportedly play Freddie Mercury in front of the camera, but he will also have a… Read more »

Anne Hathaway Hurt Over ‘Hathahaters’


Hathahaters. A term used for those who have a less than desirable opinion of actress Anne Hathaway. This growing list of Hathahaters actually started back in 2013 during the Oscar season, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Anne Hathaway actually won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress as her portrayal of Fantine in Les Misérables. But, fans… Read more »

Russell Crowe Sort Of Agrees With Adam Lambert’s ‘Les Mis’ Critique

Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert

American Idol alum Adam Lambert recently saw Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of Les Miserablesand wasn’t terribly taken with it. One of the film’s stars, Russell Crowe, took to Twitter himself recently, semi-agreeing with many of Lambert’s points but defending the ambitious film overall. Lambert’s strongest criticism of Les Miserables was that Hollywood tends to give… Read more »

Anne Hathaway Calls Wardrobe Malfunction ‘Sad,’ Blames Us [Video]

Anne Hathaway at the "Les Mis" premiere

Yesterday’s media blitz on Anne Hathaway’s Les Mis premiere wardrobe malfunction caught the actress’s attention this morning when she addressed her panty-less parade on the Today show with Matt Lauer. Instead of talking about Les Mis, Lauer led with Monday’s wardrobe malfunction (he literally said the words “seen a lot of you lately” to Hathaway)…. Read more »

Hathaway Wants To Have A Baby: Actress Feels The Call Of Motherhood

Hathaway Wants To Have A Baby

Hathaway wants to have a baby, according to US Weekly. Months after tying the knot with Adam Shulman, the actress is starting to feel motherhood’s call. During a recent interview with a number of successful Hollywood actresses, The Hollywood Reporter asked how fame had changes their lives. After Amy Adams revealed her inability to control… Read more »