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Reddit Forbids ‘The Snappening’ (But Only As A Single File)

some snappening photos banned from reddit

Reddit angered a number of users when it banned it’s ‘The Fappening’ subreddit, and many are angry over the latest edict, too: posting the massive ‘The Snappening’ file that includes hundreds of thousands of photos is also off-limits. Others say the ‘Snappening’ ban doesn’t go far enough. The Snappening is the name given to the… Read more »

[Video] Leaked Walking Dead Season 5 Premier Clip Surfaces [Spoilers]

Walking Dead leaked clip from season premiere

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere is coming soon and a leaked clip has surfaced online. The clip, shared below, doesn’t give a lot of information that wasn’t in previously released Walking Dead trailers. In the most recent trailer, for instance, Rick and the rest of his little group appear to already be outside the… Read more »

HTC Leaks ‘Myst’ Facebook Phone Details

Facebook phone details leaked

The Myst Facebook phone by HTC has had its details leaked. The HTC Myst is apparently the company’s next attempt at bringing us the Facebook phone. With Facebook’s ever-expanding web of updates, it only makes sense that it’s attempting to take its social network to the next level. The graph search, still in Beta mode,… Read more »