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From Valentine’s Day To Zombies, Vegas Embraces In-Your-Face Gun Promotion

Las Vegas Valentine's Day

Las Vegas, NV – Gun ranges in Las Vegas are sponsoring several love-themed promotions this Valentine’s Day. One range advertises a “take a shot at love” package. The campaign includes shooting 50 submachine gun rounds. Another invites lovers to shoot out paper zombie cutouts while renewing nuptials. There are wedding options that even provide posing… Read more »

Greg Merson Wins World Series Of Poker

Greg Merson Is The Winner Of The World Series Of Poker

Professional US Poker Player, Greg Merson won the World Series of Poker and will be going home with $8.53 million, BBCreports. Merson, 24, won the World Series of Poker after outlasting all of his opponents during a marathon session which ended before dawn, in Las Vegas, NV. The World Series of Poker began in July… Read more »