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Putin In Absentia, Kremlin Battling Rumor Mill Over President’s Health

Where Is Putin? Health Concerns Over Russian President

He was last seen March 5. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, at the Kremlin and since then has disappeared from the public eye. The question on everyone’s lips is, where has Putin gone? The mystery over Putin’s whereabouts has been further intensified given the Kremlin’s decision to post photos… Read more »

From Russia With Love: Country Celebrates In Streets, Parades ‘Missile’ To ‘Blow Up Barack Obama’

Fake Missile Russian Parade

Presently, the relationship between the United States and Russia through each country’s president, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, is not very favorable. The Inquisitr previously reported about the tension between both countries/presidents. Most of this tension is centered on the situation happening in Ukraine. Apparently, Russia is concerned that the United States will use “World… Read more »

Sexy Russian Spy Ordered To Seduce Edward Snowden

Anna Chapman ordered to seduce Edward Snowden

Former intelligence agent Anna Chapman was ordered by Russian spy chiefs at the Kremlin to seduce defector Edward Snowden, as reported by the Daily Mail. The plan, according to ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov, was for Chapman, 32, to light a spark with Snowden, 32, in an effort to detain the United States “whistleblower” in order… Read more »

Vladimir Putin Plans To Disconnect Russia From The Internet ‘In An Emergency’

Vladimir Putin to disconnect Internet

New reports suggest that President Vladimir Putin is considering plans to unplug Russia from the global internet in order to protect themselves from the “unpredictable” West. A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said that a closed meeting would take place on Monday to discuss the radical plans. “Taking into account the complete unpredictability… Read more »

Low-Tech ‘OPSEC': Germany And Russia Buying Typewriters To Avoid NSA Spying

germany typewriters

Germany and Russia are frantically seeking old-fashioned typewriters to embark on a low-tech OPSEC approach to communications to avoid NSA spying. Portions of the German government are going retro to avoid high-tech snooping by the United States government. The head of the German parliament’s NSA investigative committee stated during a news show segment earlier this… Read more »

Putin To Use Olympics Profits To Restart Joseph Stalin Program

vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin plans on utilizing Olympics funds to revive a program initiated under Joseph Stalin during the 1930s. The Russian president recently announced that money left over from hosting the Sochi Winter Olympics will be used to relaunch a Soviet fitness regimen to foster military preparedness. The Ready for Labor and Defense Plan (abbreviated as… Read more »