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Karachi Heat Wave: Death Toll Surpasses 1,000

pakistan heat wave

Officials confirmed that the death toll for the heat wave in the Pakistani port city of Karachi surpassed 1,000 Thursday, largely claiming lives of the elderly and homeless without access to air conditioning. Pakistan has not seen temperatures this high in 15 years. Temperatures dropped below 100 on Thursday after climbing to a high of… Read more »

Karachi Under Attack: Taliban Attacks Airport Training Center Again


Less than two days after a terrorist attack on Pakistan’s busiest Airport in Karachi, the city and its airport has been hit by another attack. According to CNN, armed gunmen have attacked the Pakistan’s Airport Security Forces camp near Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. The CNN report adds that the airport itself is safe; flights to… Read more »

Under Attack [Update]: Pakistan’s Jinnah Airport In Karachi

Karachi Airport Under Seige

UPDATE, noon June 9: More than 20 are dead in the latest death toll at Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan. Pakistani security forces fought through the night to finally kill all of the 10 attackers, who invaded the airport the day before with grenade launchers and automatic weapons. The Pakistani Taliban has announced its participation… Read more »