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Kansas Raises Taxes On The Poor To Pay For Wealthy Tax Cuts

Kansas raises taxes on poor to pay for wealthy tax breaks

Kansas lawmakers ended their legislative session last week by raising taxes on the state’s poorest citizens so it could maintain a series of tax breaks for the wealthy. The poorest citizens of Kansas must now pay a larger percentage of their income to the government in the form of taxes than their wealthy counterparts. The… Read more »

Peterson Farm Brothers ‘Roar’ Parody ‘Chore’ Goes Viral

roar parody goes viral

The Peterson Farm brothers once again created a parody viral video. The Kansas boys followed up their massive online parody hit, “I’m Farming and I Grow It” with a down-home take on Katy Perry’s “Roar.” “Chore” the Peterson brothers Katy Perry parody, went viral on You Tube and Facebook. The three brothers from Kansas are… Read more »

Brain Eating Amoeba Tragically Kills 9 Year Old Girl

Brain eating Amoeba Kills 9 Year Old

Health officials have confirmed that a young girl from Spring Hill, Kansas died on Friday after contracting a rare illness brought on by a brain-eating amoeba. Hally Yust, also known as “Bug” by her friends, came into contact with the brain-eating amoeba after visiting at least four different bodies of water in the last couple… Read more »

License Plate Scanners Make Huge Mistake In Kansas

prairie village license plate scanners

A false reading on a license plate scanner in Kansas resulted in the stop of an innocent man on the way back from a sonogram appointment with his wife. Prairie Village attorney Mark Molner told the local media that a law enforcement officer pulled him over and approached with his service weapon out of its… Read more »

Body In Kansas City Freezer Is Missing Trucker Lawrence Muirhead

KansasCity Freezer Body Lawrence Muirhead

A body found stuffed into a freezer in the garage of a Kansas City, Kansas, house Sunday has been identified. Lawrence Muirhead, an independent, long-distance trick driver was hauling a load, reported to be highway road signs, from Franklin, Pennsylvania, to Nogales, Arizona, last year when he disappeared. His family last heard from him on… Read more »

Kansas School Bus Plunges Off Bridge, Children In The Water

school bus plunges off bridge

UPDATE: 9 pm – The trapped bus driver has now been rescued and he is being treated for hypothermia at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. The 64-year-old driver appears to be the only person injured in the crash and all the children are reported safe. Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet praised the courage of the… Read more »

Toddler Missing After Triple Homicide, Presumed Dead

Lana-Leigh Bailey

A toddler still missing after a triple homicide in Kansas is presumed dead, according to local police. The body of the child’s mother, 24-year-old Kaylie Bailey, was one of three victims discovered on a rural farm on Monday. A suspect in the murders is currently being detained. During a press conference today, Franklin County Sheriff… Read more »