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Is K-Drama Star Kim Soo Hyun Dating Sandara Park Of K-Pop Group 2NE1?

Dara and Kim Soo Hyun

K-drama star Kim Soo Hyun is extremely busy these days. First and foremost, Kim is acting in the popular summertime K-drama Producer, a show that is almost three-quarters through its initial airing. Secondly, he is the global representative of South Korea-based coffeehouse chain Caffe Bene, in which Kim Soo Hyun leads the way of making… Read more »

Eye Makeup: Do’s And Don’ts For A Beautiful Stare


Eye makeup is perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of a woman’s daily makeover. A little bit extra eyeliner here or a mismatch of colors there can drive any girl crazy (and make everyone late for the date). And then you’ll wish you have that glamorous stare those celebrities have in the movies. You… Read more »

‘Gangnam Style’ Mastermind Psy Performs Free Concert For 80,000 Fans

Gangnam Style South Korea Seoul

South Korean rapper Psy, the mastermind behind the international pop sensation “Gangnam Style,” recently performed a free concert for over 80,000 adoring fans in the heart of Seoul, according to The Sun. Countless fans of the musician flocked to the city in order to catch Psy’s performance of a song that has enraptured the entire… Read more »