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What Are The Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists?

Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists

Anyone who watches the news should be keenly aware of the many risks foreign correspondents and journalists like Richard Engel (as an example) face when they cover stories in war-torn countries, like Syria and Iraq. But have you ever wondered which countries are the most dangerous and inspire the most fear in the hearts of… Read more »

Arwa Damon Returns To CNN After Drunken Incident In Baghdad, Lawsuit


International correspondent Arwa Damon has returned to CNN’s airwaves about a month after she was slapped with a lawsuit by two emergency medical technicians she allegedly bit during a drunken incident in Baghdad, according to media blog TV Newser. The outlet said Arwa Damon’s return follows a long absence that came about following the apology… Read more »

Joe McGinniss, Pioneering Journalist Who Courted Controversy, Dies At 71

Joe McGinniss

Joe McGinniss, a groundbreaking journalist whose book The Selling of the President 1968, prophetically foreshadowed how political candidates have come to be marketed like consumer products, has died after a two-year battle with prostate cancer. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, McGinnis was 71 when he passed away Monday afternoon at UMass Memorial Medical Center in… Read more »