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Johnny Manziel Is Looking To Trademark Another Nickname

Johnny Manziel Is Looking To Trademark Another Name

Even though he will be serving as backup for the Cleveland Browns starter Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel is looking to trademark a new nickname for himself and his position on the NFL team. According to a report from ESPN, Manziel has filed to trademark Johnny Cleveland, which his company, JMan2 Enterprises LLC, said they had… Read more »

Michael Sam, First Openly Gay NFL Player Sacks, Mocks Johnny Manziel

Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel twice in the Rams-Browns preseason game.

Michael Sam and Johnny Manziel are two of the most talked about NFL rookies coming into the 2014 NFL season. “Johnny Football” Manziel comes in as a highly touted rookie who went much lower in the draft than expected, and was expected to compete for the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns. Michael Sam… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Raises Middle Finger To Opponents During Preseason Loss

redskins cahsed manziel all night

Johnny Manziel let his frustration get the best of him on Monday night against the Washington Redskins when he responded to his opponents’ heckling by raising his right hand and giving the middle finger. Manziel was jogging to the sidelines in the third quarter after an incomplete pass when several Redskins players began to trash… Read more »

Johnny Manziel: Johnny Football Is Number One NFL QB In One Category

Johnny Manziel tops all NFL QBs in jersey sales.

Johnny Manziel, also known as “Johnny Football,” will undoubtedly get the lion’s share of the attention the media gives to rookies going into this year’s football season. The Texas A&M alum hasn’t taken a snap yet in a pro game, but the Cleveland Browns’ second choice in the 2014 entry draft — and, as pointed… Read more »

NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel To Cleveland Browns, Falls To 22nd Pick

Johnny Manziel

On NFL Draft Day, Johnny Manziel, despite predictions that he would to go to one of the top three picking teams, sat stoically for three hours as his draft stock went into free fall before his eyes. Finally, with the 22nd overall selection, the Cleveland Browns made Johnny Football their likely quarterback of the future…. Read more »

NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Dallas Cowboys At 16

NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel Dallas Cowboys 16

There’s only one thing for certain in tonight’s NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel is the most hotly debated quarterback available. With experts ranging from ESPN‘s Bill Polian, saying he would take him first, to former Eagles quarterback and analyst Ron Jaworski claiming he wouldn’t touch him before the fourth round, the NFL Draft rumors surrounding Johnny… Read more »

NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel To Texans With 1st Pick


Johnny Manziel is a hot topic when it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft. The polarizing Texas A&M star is amongst a class of good, but not over-the-top great quarterbacks available for quarterback hungry teams. But according to the Houston Chronicle‘s John McClain, Manziel could be off the board as soon as the number one… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Heir Apparent Arrested For Public Drunkeness

Johnny Manziel successor arrested

Johnny Manziel is NFL bound and by all accounts looked impressive at his pro-day. Manziel’s departure leaves a gaping hole behind center for his Texas A&M Aggies. Johnny’s heir apparent is a young lad named Kenny Hill. According to most on campus, Hill has the skills to lead the team and take the mantel from… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Deemed A Bust By ESPN Analyst

Johnny Manziel - Is he worth a top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft

Johnny Manziel seems to evoke emotion in people, whether it be positive or negative. Many sing Manziel’s praises – outstanding mobility, elusive, can extend plays, great leader, competitor, improviser, etc. Others believe that he was a great college quaterback, but will not have the discipline to make it big in the NFL. You can count… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Signs Multiple Year Endorsement With Nike


It appears as if someone is all in on Johnny Manziel. The former Texas A&M Quarterback has been getting rave reviews for his college work while some scouts are not high on his pro chances. Meanwhile some such as Mel Kiper think he is worthy of a top five spot in the NFL Draft, if… Read more »

Barry Switzer Says Johnny Manziel Is An “Arrogant Little Prick”

Barry Switzer Johnny Manziel

It’s that time of year when NFL analysts (and everyone at your local sports bar) throw out their opinions of the incoming draft class, and former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer has let his feelings be known when it comes to incoming quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel…. Read more »

Johnny Manziel Reminds Brett Favre Of A Young Brett Favre


Johnny Manziel reminds NFL legend, Brett Favre, of one of the best players to ever play the game… Brett Favre. Talking to USA TODAY Sports, Favre admitted that he hasn’t seen the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in action too often. However, he stated that after he saw Manziel play in Texas A&M’s match against Ole Miss,… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Shows Honesty And Integrity With Heisman Vote

Johnny Manziel Getting Paid - Adrian Peterson says it should happen

Johnny Manziel may be a world class quarterback, but he isn’t renowned in the world of football for his maturity and sense of responsibility, that is, until now. In the recent Heisman vote instead of voting for himself, Johnny decided to be a big boy and do the right thing. He apparently reflected on the… Read more »

Heisman Finalists: Jameis Winston Doesn’t Have To Fear Losing Trophy Vote

Heisman Finalists: Jameis Winston Doesn't Have To Fear Losing Trophy Vote

Heisman finalists like Jameis Winston don’t have to worry much any more about losing the Heisman Trophy due to rape charges. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Winston’s sexual assault investigation become the focus of Heisman voting in 2013. Heisman Trophy coordinator Tim Henning was even asked what would happen if Winston was charged with… Read more »

Heisman Voting In 2013 Trophy Race Results In Focus On Jameis Winston

Heisman Voting In 2013 Trophy Race Results In Focus On Jameis Winston

The Heisman Voting in the 2013 race is largely focusing on dark horse candidates since the performance-based frontrunners have too many questions surrounding their personal lives. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Heisman race in 2013 took an interesting turn when allegations over Jameis Winston’s sexual assault, and a small Johnny Manziel “scandal,” put… Read more »

Johnny Manziel Comeback Thwarted By No. 1 Alabama

A fourth quarter comeback by Johnny Manziel was thwarted by Alabama Saturday

In the weekend’s biggest college matchup, number one ranked Alabama thwarted a Johnny Manziel comeback attempt to beat number 6 Texas A&M 49-42. Manziel and Texas A&M came out of the gate fast with two touchdowns and 14-0 lead. Then defending national champion A.J. McCarron and Alabama came to life. Once Alabama hit the gas,… Read more »