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President Obama Holds Press Conference On Russian Military Movments In Ukraine

president obama press conference

President Barack Obama held a very brief press conference about Russian military movements in the Ukraine. The president read a short statement without an expression of emotion and left the podium without answering any questions posed by shouting reporters. Obama said that the “Ukriane has the right to determine their own future,” during the Ukraine… Read more »

Joe Biden Asks Ecuador To Reject Edward Snowden’s Asylum Request

Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum

US Vice President Joe Biden has requested that Ecuador reject Edward Snowden’s request for asylum. Biden’s request was revealed by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. During his weekly broadcast, Correa revealed that Snowden has not yet arrived in the country. He also revealed that Ecuador would make a decision regarding Snowden’s sovereignty based on US input… Read more »

Biden’s Hotel Tab Tops $1 Million For Two Day Stay In Europe

Vice President Joe Biden

Traveling around Europe can be expensive. Vice President Joe Biden racked up a hotel tab of more than $1 million during a two night stay in Europe. But no, Biden’s $1 million hotel tab wasn’t racked up by the VP himself . According to ABC, the money paid for Biden, his staff, and security for… Read more »

Obama Signs Updated Violence Against Women Act


President Barack Obama signed into law today expanded protections for students on college campuses, Native American women, and LGBT victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act after a year of a partisan paralysis. The reauthorized Violence Against Woman Act offers stronger protections against stalking and dating violence. It… Read more »