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Mindy Kaling Fights With Her ‘Ex’ On Jimmy Kimmel

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Project star Mindy Kaling visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night and before her interview with Kimmel could ensue, an awkward and competitive moment of ex-bragging took place. Mindy spotted one of her ex-boyfriends “Darren” in the audience, and shortly after — a post-breakup sin that many of us commit proceeded. He bragged about… Read more »

Christoph Waltz Performs Creepy Version Of Sesame Street Theme Song [Video]

Christoph Waltz

Actor Christoph Waltz has a very “unique” way of looking at the hit television show Sesame Street, and he discussed his own perspective during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 58-year-old actor spoke openly with Jimmy Kimmel about his longtime appreciation for the long-running hit children’s television series. Christoph Waltz stated that Sesame… Read more »

Kathy Griffin’s Ice Bucket Challenge Done Completely Nude [Video]


I doubt many people woke up this week saying, “I’d like to see Kathy Griffin’s ice bucket challenge, but only if she is naked.” But apparently financial expert Suze Orman did, or so Kathy Griffin said, so the queen of shock factor went ahead and did the ice bucket challenge completely and totally naked. For… Read more »

Jimmy Fallon Dominates Late Night Television

Jimmy Fallon Dominates Late Night

It wasn’t like Jimmy Fallon had such big shoes to fill. When NBC announced that Jay Leno was out and the Jimmy Fallon would be taking over The Tonight Show, Leno was the king of Late Night, but not the dominating force that his predecessor, well, his pre-pre-predecessor (factoring in the whole Leno-to Conan O’Brien-back… Read more »

Jimmy Fallon Dethrones Kimmel as King of the Viral Video

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is proving that he has staying power. The new Tonight Show host has been receiving a slew of rave reviews and positive feedback, with the highest praise coming from former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. What is it about Fallon that’s making it work so well? First of all, he’s likable. He’s lighthearted… Read more »

Conan O’Brien Extends Contract With TBS For Four More Years

Conan O'Brien birthday

Conan O’Brien has enjoyed some serious popularity over the years and is a significant icon in the world of late-night chat shows; his face is well known to most Americans. The good news for Conan fans is that last night TBS announced that Conan has agreed to terms and signed a new contract with the… Read more »

Katy Perry Gets Beaten By A Fan [Video]

Katy Perry

How well does Katy Perry know herself? Not well enough evidently. Katy Perry appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where the show’s namesake hosted a game called “Who Knows Katy?” Jimmy Kimmel brought Katy out to the stage first, where she felt confident in the fact that she knows herself very well. That may be true,… Read more »

Jimmy Kimmel Posts Selfie With Clinton Family, Tags Ellen DeGeneres

Jimmy Kimmel Selfie

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, has posted a hilarious selfie on his Twitter account featuring the Clinton family, reports NYDailyNews. The picture, posted after he interviewed members of the former first family during a forum, was a humorous dig at the famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie during the 2014 Oscars. Posted over 17… Read more »

Michael Jackson: Aaron Paul’s Night With Michael Jackson

aaron paul talks about michael jackson

A new story about Michael Jackson has been revealed by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Paul was a guest on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last Thursday, and he discussed a funny story about his night with Michael Jackson. Paul said he and Jackson met at a party in London for the Prince of Brunei. “It… Read more »

Molly McNearney And Jimmy Kimmel Expecting Their First Baby

molly mcnearney

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel are expecting a baby! The happy couple broke the news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is airing on Wednesday, Feb 26. Kimmel said, jokingly “I’m having a baby… wait I want to finish… with Ellen. No, I decided to have the first one with my wife. We got married… Read more »