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FAA Ban On Flights To Israel Lifted Amid Harsh Criticism Of Restrictions


The actions by the FAA to ban flights to Israel have been hotly contested as a concession to the Hamas terrorists. Just before midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it has lifted the ban on flights to Israel. Earlier on Wednesday, The Inquisitr reports that FAA extended the flight ban… Read more »

Toure: MSNBC Host Says Jewish Holocaust Survivors Benefited From Being White


MSNBC host Toure is feeling extensive backlash by a major Jewish group and others for his comments about Holocaust survivors. During a recent tweet, Toure said Jewish Holocaust survivors “benefited from the power of whiteness.” While on Twitter, Toure responded to another user, who is the relative of a Holocaust survivor. According to the poster,… Read more »

Israeli Couple Among Jewish Museum Shooting Victims

brussels terror attack

The victims of a Jewish museum shooting in Brussels, Belgium in which three people were killed included a couple from Israel. The other casualty was a French national. One other person was seriously injured. Israeli Foreign Minister Paul Hirschson said the couple in their 50s were residents of greater Tel Aviv. Israeli officials are concluding… Read more »

Four Naughty Rabbis Indicted In Bizarre Kidnapping Plot

Four Rabbis Indicted

Four rabbis were indicted Thursday on conspiracy charges for using kidnappings and violent beatings to force Jewish men in New Jersey to divorce their unhappy wives, reports Reuters. During the course of 5 years, the very “unorthodox” Jewish Orthodox rabbis Mendel Epstein, Martin Wolmark, Binyamin Stimler, and Jay “Yakkov” Goldstein reportedly used every mob-grade tactic… Read more »

Benzion Netanyahu, Father Of Israel’s Prime Minister, Dies At 102


Benzion Netanyahu, one of Israel’s founding Zionist thinkers and the father of current Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, died Monday Morning, April 30, 2012, at the age of 102. Mr. Netanyahu was born in Warsaw, Poland on March 25, 1910. He was the son of the writer and Zionist activist, Nathan Mileikowsky. The family moved… Read more »