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Jay Leno Buys Wounded Veteran A Dodge Challenger Hellcat


Jay Leno surprised a wounded soldier by not only taking him for a spin in a 2015 Dodge SRT Hellcat but by then giving him the car. The vehicle is usually worth around $40,000, but the former talk-show host decided to give it to Cpl. Ethan Laberge because of his service as a United States… Read more »

Jay Leno Is Returning To TV, But He Won’t Be Telling Jokes

jay leno car show

Jay Leno has been very quiet since he hosted his last episode of The Tonight Show last February, but it looks like his hiatus from TV is about to end. Leno, 64, is reportedly returning to TV as a host of primetime show that apparently won’t involve comedy. Not to say he won’t throw out… Read more »

Jimmy Fallon Dominates Late Night Television

Jimmy Fallon Dominates Late Night

It wasn’t like Jimmy Fallon had such big shoes to fill. When NBC announced that Jay Leno was out and the Jimmy Fallon would be taking over The Tonight Show, Leno was the king of Late Night, but not the dominating force that his predecessor, well, his pre-pre-predecessor (factoring in the whole Leno-to Conan O’Brien-back… Read more »

Jay Leno Thinks Jimmy Fallon Is Doing A ‘Terrific Job’


Jay Leno doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Jimmy Fallon. In fact, Leno thinks the former Saturday Night Live cast member is doing a fantastic job at the helm of The Tonight Show. Although some people might have trouble settling into retirement after spending 20 years on a popular television series, apparently Jay Leno is… Read more »

Chrysler Orders Donated Vipers To Be Crushed

1992 Dodge Viper

Chrysler, the American automotive company, has ordered South Puget Sound Community College to crush a Dodge Viper. The special thing about this specific Dodge Viper, is it isn’t just any Dodge Viper. This is the fourth Viper off the pre-production line that’s been at the college for the past seven years. The rare prototype 1992… Read more »

Jimmy Fallon: The Ratings Are In For ‘The Tonight Show’ Debut

Jimmy Fallons Ratings Are In

Jimmy Fallon made his long awaited debut on The Tonight Show Monday night, and now the ratings have come in. Fallon’s ratings were exceptional, Fallon raked in an average 3.8 rating for adult ages 18-49, and 11.31 million viewers to top it off. This has been the second biggest audience for The Tonight Show. Jay… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Posts Nearly Nude ‘Throwback’ Instagram Snap [Photos]

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, on the same day she made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show to help Jay Leno celebrate his final program, marked the internet’s “Throwback Thursday” tradition by posting a rather saucy snap of herself from what appeared to be a 2011 calendar shoot. “Throwback Thursday” calls for internet users to post photos… Read more »

Jay Leno: The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jay Leno will host The Tonight Show for the last time on Thursday night, after weeks that have seen visits from his favorite past guests. It hasn’t been too emotional, although the 63-year-old long time host is clearly not thrilled about moving on to the next thing in store for him. Jay Leno has hosted… Read more »

Jay Leno Chats About Justin Bieber With Miley Cyrus [Video]

Miley Cyrus Tonight Show

Jay Leno recently picked Miley Cyrus’ brain about Justin Bieber during the singer’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show. Since the troubled pop star is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, Leno decided to discuss the singer’s recent legal woes with someone who knows the ins and outs of the business: Miley Cyrus…. Read more »

Christina Aguilera Tells Jay Leno All About Her Great Big World Duet

Christina Aguilera Jay Leno

If you adore Christina Aguilera, then chances are you’re still buzzing about her recent duet with A Great Big World at this year’s American Music Awards. The singer performed the tune “Say Something” with the duo at this year’s awards ceremony. The performance was a pretty big hit for both Aguilera and the group; the… Read more »

George Clooney Pulls Ultimate Pool Prank On Buddy Sandra Bullock

George Clooney pulls pool prank on Sandra Bullock

George Clooney pulled the ultimate prank of long time buddy Sandra Bullock, the actress revealed at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The Oscar winners have been good friends for…a number of years. Bullock admits that at their age, she is 49, Clooney is 52, it’s getting a bit embarrassing to talk about the length… Read more »

Sharon Osbourne Had Hot Fling With … Jay Leno? [Video]

Sharon Osbourne Devastated By Ozzy Drug Relapse

Possibly the most shocking thing Sharon Osbourne could ever say (this is, after all, the woman married to the guy who was once best known for biting heads off bats) was revealed this week, as she sheepishly admitted doing it with none other than Jay Leno. Jay Leno! Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno are certainly… Read more »