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Dalai Lama Offers Hope To Tsunami Victims In Japan

Dalai Lama In Sendai For Shinto Ceremony

The Dalai Lama was one of many who took part in a purification ritual on April 7 to honor the victims of a horrifying tsunami in November 2011 that was unleashed by an unprecedented 9.0-magnitude earthquake. The disaster changed the lives of many who still call the mighty city of Sendai, Japan, their home. Sendai… Read more »

Report: Masahiro Tanaka Going To The New York Yankees [Video]

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka, the Japanese all star pitcher, is headed to the New York Yankees according to several new sources. The hard throwing right hander reportedly has come to terms with the Yankees for $155 million over seven years with an opt out clause that can be triggered after the 2017 campaign. The contract agreed to… Read more »

New York Yankees Reach Out To Masahiro Tanaka [Video]

Masahiro Tanaka

The New York Yankees became the first team to officially reach out to Japanese superstar pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka is the highest sought after pitcher in play right now and is expected to be chased by the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Texas Rangers, The Boston Red Sox, The Baltimore Orioles, The Seattle Mariners, The Chicago… Read more »

United States Declares Support For Japan In Dispute With China

United States Supports Japan In Dispute With China

The United States has declared its support for Japan in the ongoing dispute with China over islands located in the East China Sea which Japan administrates. China established, unilaterally, an air defense zone last weekend, which Japan and the United States don’t recognize. As tensions grow in the area, the Obama administration is accusing Beijing… Read more »

New Japan Island Formed By Volcano, Earthquakes [Video]

New Japan Island Formed By Volcano, Earthquakes

A new Japan island was formed by a volcano and seismic activity. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, generally Japan fears any earthquakes that may trigger tsunamis, especially considering the Fukushima nuclear power plant is still leaking. Japan is at the edge of the ring of fire, a region surrounding the Pacific Ocean that tends… Read more »

Gangster Magazine: Japanese Yakuza Group Launches Official Publication

Gangster Magazine Japan

A Japanese yakuza group now has its very own gangster magazine. While it might seem like a plotline from a Takashi Miike movie, apparently one outfit in the Japanese mafia now has its very own monthly publication. The magazine reportedly contains poetry and articles tailored specifically to those who work in the underworld. The gangster… Read more »

Elderly Shoplifters On The Loose In Tokyo

Shoplifting Japan

The number of elderly shoplifters on the loose in Tokyo is currently on the rise. For the first time since authorities began keeping written record of criminal activity, more elderly adults have been busted for stealing than teenagers. While the number of shoplifting arrests has fallen overall across the country, the number of grown-ups getting… Read more »

Japanese Man Sues TV Station For Being Too ‘Americanized’

Japanese TV Sued

A man recently sued a TV network in Japan for using too many English words in its programming. Japanese broadcaster NHK is being sued by 71-year-old Hoji Takahashi for “undue mental stress” over the amount of foreign words he encounters on the channel. The pensioner said the overuse of English loanwords makes it hard for… Read more »

Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up Women’s Skirts

Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up A Woman's Skirt

Japanese resident, Yasuomi Hirai, has been dubbed a gutter pervert after he allegedly crawled into a sewers just to try and look up a women’s skirts. The 26-year-old was arrested in Kobe, Japan, and has admitted to participating in this taboo behavior several times previously. According to, Hirai said that he had done this… Read more »

Human Organs Grown From Animals Could Be Achieved In A Year

Human Organs Grown From Animals Could Be Achieved In A Year

According to the latest news reports, Japanese scientists could receive backing to grow human organs in animals within the next year. A panel of government appointed experts have drafted a recommendation to help create new guidelines for Japan’s world-leading approach to embryonic research. If anyone can recall the stem cell breakthrough article that was featured on The… Read more »

Earthquakes Hit Japan, No Tsunami Warnings Issued

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake

A pair of earthquakes struck Japan on Monday afternoon. The US Geological Survey reported that a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit central Japan at around 4:24 pm local time. According to CNN, a second quake arrived roughly 11 minutes after the first. It’s being reported that the second earthquake in Japan on Monday had a magnitude… Read more »