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Mysterious White UFO Orbs Filmed Swarming Over Osaka, Japan [Video]


Footage shot recently in Japan shows 10 white UFO orbs floating and bobbing as they swarmed across the sky over the port city of Osaka. The two-minute clip that shows the bizarre sighting has gone viral online, with comments about an “alien swarm” over the famous Japanese city. The UFOs can be seen moving across… Read more »

Fukushima Deformed Daisies Photos Are Blowing Up The Internet

fukushima nuclear disaster

Deformed daisies from Japan’s Fukishima nuclear disaster site have gone viral on the internet and have prompted environmental concerns. A patch of the wild flowers found near the site have generated international headlines after images of the mutated daisies were posted to Twitter by a local resident. The deformed daisies were not spotted until four… Read more »

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Has Died From Cancer

n this handout image provided by Nintendo of America, Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo Co. Ltd., gives the keynote address at the Game Developers Conference

Nintendo’s CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, a legend in the gaming industry, has passed away from cancer at age 55. His death is considered young in Japan, a country where the average life expectancy is 83 years. Since 2002, Iwata had been the CEO and President of Nintendo. Iwata joined Nintendo in 1983 and was… Read more »

WWE News: Brock Lesnar To Work More House Shows This Year?

WWE News: Brock Lesnar To Work More House Shows This Year?

This Sunday on July 4 in Japan, the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar will compete at his first house show in over a decade when he takes on one-third of the New Days, Kofi Kingston. It will be the first house show Lesnar wrestles at since returning to the WWE in 2012, and it may not… Read more »

Cube Dogs: The Latest Pet Grooming Trend In Japan

Cube dogs

Japan is renowned for coming up with original ideas in all spheres of life, but now it seems they’ve gone “cubist” as the latest pet grooming craze is what is known as “cube dogs.” It’s hip to be square, it seems, but is this really new? Many dogs appear to be embarrassed after a visit… Read more »

Godzilla: Hero Or Villain? It Depends On Who You Ask [Video]

Godzilla as portrayed in the 2014 adaptation from Warner Bros Pictures.

Technically, Godzilla is a classic antihero, but, if you ask Tokyo’s civic leaders, the gigantic lizard responsible for hundreds of thousands of fictional deaths in Japan and abroad couldn’t be more welcome on the streets of Japan. It seems the leaders have not only granted Godzilla citizenship, but a project has been completed to create… Read more »

WWE News: Brock Lesnar Will Wrestle At Live Event In Japan, Reason Why Revealed

WWE News: Brock Lesnar Will Wrestle At Live Event In Japan

Throughout this week, rumors regarding the return of the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar have been constant. Now, as his return appears imminent, it has been revealed that Lesnar will wrestle at a live event in Japan on July 4, according to the WWE’s Japan Twitter page. 【ニュース】ブロック・レスナー7/4参戦、緊急決定! #wwe_jp #2015wwejp — WWE Japan (@WWEJapan)… Read more »

WWE News: Chris Jericho To Wrestle Top NXT Superstar In Japan

WWE News: Chris Jericho To Wrestle Top NXT Superstar In Japan

As he is set to do a lot of work with the WWE this summer, Chris Jericho will face-off against one of NXT’s most popular superstars, Finn Balor during the company’s scheduled tour of Japan, as the company announced. Jericho, 44, announced that he will be working with WWE this summer and wrestle on a… Read more »

Japan Could Face Mega Earthquake In The Near Future

Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake And Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan

Japan could face another mega earthquake, according to researchers in Japan, who have detected and traced shallow tremors under the ocean floor. It is the first time this technique has been used to predict earthquakes. Japan is located in the most powerful seismic network in the world — having dealt with a devastating magnitude-9.0 earthquake… Read more »