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Ashley Hamilton Arrested, Allegedly Impersonated Cop With Fake Badge

Ashley Hamilton

Songwriter Ashley Hamilton was arrested recently for impersonating a police officer in order to receive special treatment for a friend. TMZ reports that 40-year-old Hamilton took a friend to a LGBT medical center in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon to receive urgent care. Ashley Hamilton Arrested for Impersonating a Cop — TMZ (@TMZ) January… Read more »

Iron Man 3 Bad Guy Mandarin Returns In New Short Film [Video]

Iron Man 3 villain Mandarin

Iron Man 3 fans, we’re going to assume you’ve all seen the movie by now because you can’t learn about Marvel’s new short film without being exposed to a few spoilers. With a take surpassing $409 million, Iron Man 3 was 2013’s second-highest grossing movie. Only The Hunger Games: Catching Fire bested the Marvel Comics… Read more »

Canon Cameras In ‘Iron Man 3’ Used To Create CGI Special Effects

Canon Cameras

Canon cameras used in making the Iron Man 3 movie were apparently instrumental in creating the CGI special effects. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Canon cameras will now be made by robots instead of human employees. Unfortunately, none of those robots will resemble Iron Man, although that would be pretty frickin’ awesome. But they… Read more »

James Cameron Still Dislikes Most 3D Movies

Man of Steel Iron Man 3

James Cameron firmly believes that most 3D movies suck. The acclaimed filmmaker and self-proclaimed King of the World knows a thing or two about three-dimensional motion pictures. Cameron’s box-office smash Avatar was the toast of the town a few years back thanks in part to the 3D technology that brought it to life. Since he… Read more »

‘Iron Man 3’ Smashes $1 Billion Mark

Iron Man 3 Box Office

Iron Man 3 surpassed $1 billion this week to join a very elite group of movies. According to Box Office Mojo, Iron Man 3 is now 16th on the highest grossing movies list. The latest Iron Man movie has brought in $402 million at the domestic box office and $698 million at the international box… Read more »