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iPhone 5S VS Samsung Galaxy S5: Apple Wins For Durability

iPhone 5S VS Samsung Galaxy S5 Apple Wins For Durability

The iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 battle might seem a little unfair considering that Samsung’s best just came out recently, while Apple’s best has been in stores for quite a while. But as it turns out, the Apple iPhone 5S is the clear winner — at least in one area. In a related report… Read more »

iPhone 5S Creepily Works When Dead

Some parts of the iPhone 5s still work after the battery dies.

The iPhone 5S is supposed to be one of the most advanced smartphones ever, but if what CBS News is reporting is true, then it is not only advanced — it’s creepily advanced. A Reddit user named Arman Amin recently posted on the site that he had an interesting experience after his iPhone 5s died… Read more »

iPhone 5s Data Usage Is Higher Than Any Tablet

iPhone 5s worth it

iPhone 5s users sure like their phones — and their data plans apparently. In the most recent study by JDSU, a technologies company dedicated to improving optical networking worldwide, they found that iPhone 5s data usage is the highest of any device. Ever. They even use more mobile data than any tablet on the market…. Read more »

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Hack Can Take Over Apple Accounts

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Hack

A recently discovered iPhone 5S fingerprint hack allows 3rd party users to take over a users Apple account. German security firm SRL recently discovered that an image of a fingerprint is enough to successfully unlock a users device and perform identity theft. In a blog post on the SLR website the company writes: “Users leave… Read more »

iPhone 5S Teardown Price Only $199, But Sells At Retail For $649

iPhone 5S Teardown Price Only $199, But Sells At Retail For $649

An iPhone 5S teardown revealed the iPhone 5S price for its components. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Apple fans better watch out for iOS 7 motion sickness. Although the prices revealed after the iPhone 5S teardown might make you barf, as well. The overall cost of the 16GB iPhone 5S was only $199 and… Read more »

iPhone 5S Sales Projections Break Records Despite Critical Reviews

iPhone 5S Sales Projections Break Records Despite Critical Reviews

iPhone 5S sales projections have beaten records despite many critics claiming Apple lacked innovation this time around. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Steve Jobs time capsule was lost for 30 years. Apparently, at the time the capsule was buried Steve Jobs was making future predictions about devices that eventually became known as the… Read more »

Smartphone Sales Cause Nikon To Slash Prices

App BarZapp Could Stop Would-Be Underage Drinkers

The world’s number two camera maker, Nikon, has slashed the prices of its cameras in response to increasing smartphone sales. It is thought that market leader Canon will follow suit and also cut prices. This comes as smartphone manufacturers release phones with 41-megapixel cameras, making them as good as, if not better than, the top… Read more »

iPhone 5S: Homeless Hired To Wait In Line

iphone 5S Scam

An iPhone 5S scam left dozens of homeless people stranded in Pasadena. An unidentified man promised them money for standing in line outside the Apple store. Unfortunately, the people were never paid. The man reportedly spent the evening visiting homeless shelters. Making several trips with his van, the man delivered at least 80 homeless people… Read more »