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Apple Recalls Faulty iPhone 5 Batteries

iPhone Battery Gauge

Apple is offering free replacements of iPhone 5 batteries for affected phones that burn through batteries and need to be recharged often. That may sound like everyone’s iPhone, but Apple clarifies this is a specific set of iPhone 5 phones sold between September 2012 and January 2013. Apple even knows the exact serial numbers of… Read more »

iPhone 5c Gets Massive Price Cut In Anticipation Of iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 leaked design.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the stunning success of the iPhone 5c despite it being considered a flop as far as gadgets go. The iPhone 5c beat out the Galaxy S5 in its launch week in Europe, even though its screen is smaller and it’s been out since late last year. If you’re interested in… Read more »

Best Buy Launches iPhone 5 Trade-In Promotion

iPhone 5 Best Buy Trade-In Program

A new iPhone 5 trade-in program has been launched as the US locations for retailer Best Buy. From today through August 18, customers who trade in their iPhone 4S at any Best Buy location will receive a gift card towards an iPhone 5 worth at least $200. The customers iPhone 4S must be in working… Read more »

iPhone 5 Coming To Virgin Mobile USA

Apple iPhone 5

Virgin Mobile USA will begin offering customers unlocked iPhone 5’s starting June 28. The contract-free smartphones will be made available in 16GB ($550), 32GB ($650), and 64GB ($750) options. The devices will not be cheap, but they will allow customers to take advantage of Virgin Mobile USA pricing. Plans start at $35 per month and… Read more »

Best Buy Offering Free iPhone 5’s On Friday

iPhone 5 Free at Best Buy

Best Buy on Friday will be offering customers the chance to upgrade their smartphone to a “free” iPhone 5. The company is once again allowing customers to trade in their old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in exchange for at least $150 in credit. That amount of money along with Best Buy’s current $50 instant… Read more »

$15 Million iPhone 5 Now Available For Sale

iPhone 15 Million Dollars

England-based Stuart Hughes is selling a brand new iPhone 5 for the bargain basement price of just $15 million. The phone was built with a gold case and then encrusted with diamonds to give it that “I just spent way too much on this phone” look. So what exactly does $15 million get you from… Read more »

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start At T-Mobile

TMobile iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is now available for pre-order at T-Mobile. In a move that is decidedly T-Mobile focused, the mobile network is allowing customers to pay $20 per month for two years or pay the full cost for the smartphone upfront. T-Mobile is selling the iPhone 5 unlocked for $580 (16GB), $680 (32GB), and… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 Outsold Samsung Galaxy S3 In Q4 Of 2012

The iPhone, both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S outsold the Galaxy S3

The Apple iPhone 5 is the king of the hill when it comes to smartphone sales. The fourth quarter numbers from 2012 are in, and the iPhone 5 was the clear winner in sales, beating out the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple’s victory comes despite a new ad campaign by Samsung that directly pitted the S3… Read more »

iPhone 5 Interest Down Because Of Cheaper Models?

Apple iPhone 5

I have written extensively over the last few weeks in regards to falling interest in Apple iPhone products. Apple’s current model outlook has become so abysmal that some analysts have cut both the company’s 2013 and the company’s 2014 forecast outlooks. Case in point, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have found that consumers are choosing… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 Doomsday Is A Myth

Apple iPhone 5 Sales

Apple’s time has not yet come, nor do iPhone 5 sales show any sign of subsiding, says Yahoo News. With the rising popularity of Android due to price and the availability of many applications that iPhone users enjoy, Apple’s flagship phone series would appear to be looking for the exit. However, similar to Nintendo, Apple… Read more »

iPhone 5 Launches In China To Cold Reception


Just as Apple CEO Tim Cook said it would, the iPhone 5 officially launched in mainland China and Taiwan on Friday as well as in over 30 other countries. China is a big market for Apple, and, in the past, we’ve seen pretty strong turnouts at launch events for previous products. When the iPhone 4S… Read more »