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VEISHEA Riot In Iowa Turns Violent

VEISHEA riots may put an end to the celebration.

The VEISHEA festival in Iowa came to a grinding halt Tuesday night with the introduction of riots into the celebration. Rioters began to flip cars and knocking down light poles, instigating a police response. When cops showed up on scene, the riot took an even uglier turn. The crowd turned on authorities, pelting them with… Read more »

Lance Armstrong Will Ride Again At Iowa Cycling Event

RAGBRAI Armstrong

Lance Armstrong will hop on his bike for an upcoming event in Iowa. The disgraced cyclist is expected to show up during the The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa later this month. Although this is his fifth time at RAGBRAI, it will serve as the first public cycling event Armstrong has attended since… Read more »

Mitt Romney Borrows From Obama, Promises ‘Real Change’ For Economy

Mitt Romney's Iowa speech borrows from Obama

Ames, IA – Mitt Romney borrowed another phrase for a campaign speech in Iowa Friday, only this time the GOP candidate cribbed from his opponent, President Obama. Romney highlighted the chance voters are taking this election season, calling his platform a “big change” from the status quo of the Obama administration, reports USA Today. “This… Read more »

Thousands Of Fish Die In Midwest, Climate Change Blamed

thousands of dead fish

Thousands of fish have died due to excessive heat in the Midwest, clogging river dams and drains, and scientists say the situation is unlike any they have seen before. The thousands of dead fish are, experts say, more vulnerable to threats such as infection when heat is high and water levels are low, and one… Read more »