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WWE News: ‘A Day In The Life Of Seth Rollins’


Seth Rollins was recently profiled by the largest newspaper in his home state of Iowa, the Des Moines Register. The piece by Courtney Crowder, titled “Seth Rollins: Iowan Brings Championship Title Home,” focuses on a day in Rollins’ life as he travels back to his hometown of Davenport for a recent WWE SmackDown taping (April… Read more »

Nude Woman Crashes Car, Half-Naked Man Flees The Scene

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - MARCH 22: Drivers make their way through the rain on the southbound 57 freeway March 22, 2005 Orange County, California. According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday's storm has brought enough rain to make this the second-wettest season on record for the Los Angeles area and prompting the issuance of a flood advisory. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

A bizarre story has come out of Des Moines, Iowa, this week when police responded to an accident to find a nude woman sitting in the driver’s side of one of the crashed cars. Witnesses say the nude 25-year-old had a male passenger who ran from the scene wearing nothing but white shorts and shoes…. Read more »

Iowa Man Walks 35 Miles To Work Each Day To Support Sick Wife

Simoff gets a ride each day from a co-worker, who takes him within eight miles of his home.

Steven Simoff, a 61-year-old janitor from Iowa, may have the toughest commute in America, as the grandfather walks 35 miles to get to work each day. Simoff is employed at the Lakeside Casino in Osceola, Iowa, according to the Daily Mail, yet he makes his home in Davis City, 35 miles away. His daily trip… Read more »

Joni Ernst: Republican Response To Obama State Of The Union Highlights

republican response SOTU

Joni Ernst made history when she became Iowa’s first female Senator, and just a few months later she was tapped to give the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. The military veteran garnered national attention during her seat race due to her viral “castrating hogs” campaign commercial and her stump… Read more »

Joni Ernst: Is Iowa About To Elect Its First Female Senator?

midterms 2014

Joni Ernst will become the first female Senator from Iowa if the midterm 2014 vote tallies go her way. The Iowa Republican recently met with members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Iowa State University and a protest broke out, according to tweets from the National Review. Ernst was likely quite surprised when about… Read more »

Did Hillary Clinton Staffers Cover Up Damning Benghazi Documents ?

Hillary Clinton staffers accused

Despite being officially cleared of wrongdoing by an internal review board, Hillary Clinton’s staffers have been accused of separating potentially damaging documents from material sent to a panel investigating the Benghazi, Libya attack, a former top official proclaimed on Monday. Raymond Maxwell, formerly head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, told The Daily Signal,… Read more »

Does Victoria’s Secret Think You’re Too Fat?

A post on Craigslist yesterday, made by a Victoria's Secret employee, told 'fat' women to shop at Home Depot for their underwear.

Social media and customers of Victoria’s Secret were outraged after a post was made in the “personals” section for Iowa City on Craigslist yesterday. A person claiming to be a representative of the Victoria’s Secret in the North Park Mall of Davenport, but keeping their name anonymous, posted a rant titled, “Fat girls at Victoria’s… Read more »

‘Superweeds’ Invade Arkansas And Iowa

palmer amaranth

Superweeds have invaded Arkansas and Iowa. Tommy Young, a grower in the southern region of the state, said the weeds are not stopped by chemical herbicides and have grown as tall as an NBA basketball player. Superweeds, or the Palmer amaranth, has been plaguing farmers in five Iowa counties, choking the growth of crops and… Read more »

Agenda 21: GOP Candidate Joni Ernst Vows To Stop UN Plan

agenda 21

Stopping Agenda 21 is at the top of Joni Ernst’s “to do” list if she gets elected to the U.S. Senate. In a recently posted campaign video the Iowa Republican vowed to fight for the property rights of all Americans and thwart the presumed objectives of the United Nations plan. As previously reported by The… Read more »

Convicted Child Molester Strikes Again? Guess Where Police Found Him Hiding


When children complain of fictitious fears, most parents associate their phobia with imaginary myths such as the boogeyman or “monsters under their beds.” Unfortunately, the Bettendorf Police Department discovered much more than that in a child’s bedroom when they responded to one call at a local residence. Convicted sex offender, Julien Martell Skipper, has landed… Read more »

VEISHEA Riot In Iowa Turns Violent

VEISHEA riots may put an end to the celebration.

The VEISHEA festival in Iowa came to a grinding halt Tuesday night with the introduction of riots into the celebration. Rioters began to flip cars and knocking down light poles, instigating a police response. When cops showed up on scene, the riot took an even uglier turn. The crowd turned on authorities, pelting them with… Read more »

Lance Armstrong Will Ride Again At Iowa Cycling Event

RAGBRAI Armstrong

Lance Armstrong will hop on his bike for an upcoming event in Iowa. The disgraced cyclist is expected to show up during the The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa later this month. Although this is his fifth time at RAGBRAI, it will serve as the first public cycling event Armstrong has attended since… Read more »